Car Hire 9 Seater Group

Car Hire 9 Seater Group

A very desirable group of vehicle, perfect for a spacious and comfortable ride with a large amount of passengers. We have several 9 seater available on the fleet however they are extremely sought after so get it booked quickly, everyone wants to get their hands on 9 seaters whether it’s for holidays, travelling with friends or visiting sporting events they are a very popular choice.

9 Seaters generally have the same specifications all around although you can get some that are marginally bigger. Here are the general specs however…

Passengers: 9
Suitable Amount Of Luggage: 8 Large Suitcases
Doors: 4
Tranmission: Manual or Automatic
Air Conditioning Equipped
Fuel: Both Petrol and Diesel models available

Some example models of 9 seaters on our fleet include…

Volkswagen Transporter
Car Hire Volkswagen TransporterThe 9 seater model of this minivan is popular, well of course it is its Volkswagen. They have a full leather interior and a nice finishing trim with an extremely spacious boot and foot well as the layout of the car is very nice. It has a perfect drive as expected and is very comfortable, definitely one of the top of the range 9 seaters.


Mercedes Vito Traveliner
Car Hire Mercedes Vito TravelinerOur most popular 9 seater on the fleet worldwide without a doubt and for good reason. The beautiful interior of a typical Mercedes with a nice leather finish, the Vito Traveliner is successful for a reason. Its very spacious both in the boot and the foot wells for the passengers.


Vauxhall Vivaro
car hire vauxhall vivaroThe Vivaros interior design is great, it has three rows of seats to add more space for luggage and various other things you may need. The reliable Vauxhall brand have done it again and the Vivaro falls in popularity just behind the Traveliner, it’s a great 9 seater with a standard feel to it, gets you from A to B and does the job without any hassle.


Citroen Jumper
car hire citroen jumperWhatever you call it Jumpy, Jumper of Dispatch Van it’s a great addition to our fleet. Its suitable for around 5 adults and 4 children with the amount of space given, we also have the Jumper available in both diesel and petrol.

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