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Salzburg Airport 4×4 Car Hire

Salzburg Airport 4x4 Car Hire

Salzburg Airport 4×4 Car Hire

Why Hire A 4×4 at Salzburg Airport?
Salzburg airport is located in Austria, the cold snowy country of Austria. A 4×4 can tackle the snow and harsh weather with ease and on top of which they are extremely comfortable and spacious, most people travel to the airport in order to take part in winter activities such as skiing which often comes with a large amount of gear and in order to fit it all in and drive in comfort a 4×4 is more than suitable, depending on the amount of passengers of course.

Popular 4x4s
There are quite a few popular 4x4s at Salzburg airport but here are the top 5 we often get requested…
-Nissan Qashqai
-Nissan Juke
-Volkswagen Tiguan
-Toyota Rav4
-Volkswagen Touareg

Offers with 4x4s
You may know that Indigo Car Hire have arranged several offers in the past aiming at making more availability for a wider audience of people, and the same can be said with 4 by 4s at Salzburg airport. Some of the best offers we have managed to arrange so far for this specific car type are…

Free Additional Driver
If you are travelling to Salzburg and hiring a car chances are that you think you are going to be the only driver on the rental. Well now we have a deal which means if someone in the car with you is also eligible to hire then you can add them to the rental completely free of cost, if you are interested in adding a free second driver then please click this link.

Low Deposit Car Hire
Unfortunately we can’t organise no deposit car hire because our supplier for this isn’t located at Salzburg airport, however what we can do is offer a low deposit car hire deal. The low deposit deal is just a deposit on the full tank of fuel you are given with the vehicle, this ranges depending on the vehicle you go for but it is nowhere near the standard car hire deposits. If you want more information on this then please click this link.

Debit Card Car Hire
Hiring a car without a credit card can be a bit of a nightmare let’s face it, however we are here to make it easier for you. We have arranged a deal with one of our suppliers at Salzburg airport so that we can now accept a debit card given that it meets our restrictions that are in place, if you want more information on me then please click this link.

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