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Innsbruck Airport 4×4 Car Hire

Innsbruck Airport 4x4 Car Hire

Innsbruck Airport 4×4 Car Hire

Why Hire A 4×4 At Innsbruck Airport?
Innsbruck airport is located in the cold country of Austria, it regularly snows so it’s important to be safe on the road and 4x4s are the safest way to do that. On top of that 4x4s are much more spacious, and majority of the reason people fly into Innsbruck is for winter sports which comes hand in hand with a lot of luggage therefor the extra space and comfort supplied by a 4×4 is completely necessary.

Popular 4x4s
There are a lot of popular 4x4s at Innsbruck airport but some of the most popular include…
-Volkswagen Tiguan
-Nissan Juke
-Nissan Qashqai
-Volkswagen Touareg
-Toyota Rav4

4×4 Offers At Innsbruck Airport
We have managed to arrange several offers in the past and we have always aimed at increasing the availability of car hire to a wider audience of people and 4×4 hire at Innsbruck airport is no exception. Some of the best deals we have managed to organise for this include…

Debit Card Car Hire
Car hire without a credit card can be a really confusing and hard thing to get a hold of. Don’t worry however Indigo car hire have organised a deal for you, we have managed to arrange one that means you can hire a car using your debit card given that it meets our requirements that are in place, if you want more information on this subject then please click this link.

Free Additional Driver
If you are travelling long distances on your holiday then you may want to take a break from time to time, and now that’s the perfect opportunity to do that. We have arranged an offer with a supplier so that we can now allow an additional driver on the rental completely free of cost given that they meet all the restrictions of course. If you are interested in having a second driver added to your rental then please click this link.

Free Winter Tyres
Winter tyres are required by law in Austria, sometimes however car hire companies will charge you a lot to have them on your car as you need to pay that amount in order to hire the vehicle, they won’t let you hire without them. This is somewhat sneaky, however there are companies we have talked to that can offer free winter tyres, just give us a call and we will see what we can arrange.

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