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Heathrow Airport Hybrid Car Hire

Heathrow Airport Hybrid Car Hire

Heathrow Airport Hybrid Car Hire

In an effort to go green and conserve energy there is a much higher demand for hybrid vehicles and at the largest airport in the UK this is no exception. In regards to this car hire companies have to keep up and do their part for the environment.

Hybrid vehicles have become some of the world’s bestselling cars, it’s so popular as it combines electric and fuel and still looks and runs the same as a standard vehicle so people can be comforted in the fact they are doing their bit for the plant by running a fuel efficient vehicle that has a minimum pollution.

Congestion Charge
You are arriving into Heathrow the airport is located within the congestion charge zone, meaning if that if you went for a standard petrol or diesel car you will have to pay the congestion charge if you don’t you will get a larger fine. The congestion charge is £10 daily which can be paid in advance or if you leave it to midnight that day it goes up to £12, if you do decide upon hiring a hybrid car however you are congestion charge exempt meaning that you don’t have to pay at all and this is due to your low emissions a benefit for green vehicles. When you think about it if you hire a hybrid vehicle it will save you a large amount of money over the time of your rental particularly if you are staying in the congestion zone area for the duration. The penalty for not paying the charge is between £120-130.

Vehicles Available
There are tons of hybrid vehicles available at Heathrow and it’s one of our biggest selection of hybrid cars in the world, if not the biggest. This gives you a wide range of hybrids to choose from to meet your requirements.

Hybrid vehicles are in high demand however so we ask that as soon as you know that you need to hire a car and want to hire a hybrid then please let us know so we can arrange this for you before availability gets low.

Toyota Prius HybridHonda Civic Hybrid
Toyota Camry HybridFord Escape Hybrid
Lexus RX 400h/450hToyota Highlander Hybrid
Honda Insight HybridFord Fusion Hybrid
Hyundai Sonata HybridNissan Altima Hybrid
And several more!

Our Offers
Our Hybrids can also combine with a few of our other offers, we have always aimed at creating great offers that make car hire more available to a wider audience of people. Some of the offers we have for our hybrids include…

Young Driver Car Hire
We can hire out our hybrid vehicles to people under the age of 25 given that they meet our restrictions. The deal we have managed to organise with our hybrid supplier is to allow young drivers from the age of 21 to hire given that they have held their licence for a year prior. If you want more information on this please click this link.

Debit Card Car Hire
Hiring a car without a credit card can be an extremely hard task as most rental companies only ever accepted them and nothing else. We have however managed to arrange a deal which means you can use your debit card as long as it meets our three main restrictions that are in place, if you want more information about this then please click this link.

Free Additional Driver
Want someone else to share the experience of a hybrid car with you? Then why not add them to the rental, for the full period of the rental we can add someone as long as they are eligible to hire the car with us e.g meet age restrictions and convictions, and we can do this absolutely free of cost for the full duration of the rental. If you want more information on this then please click this link.

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