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Car Hire Zero Deposit Gatwick

Car Hire Zero Deposit Gatwick

Car Hire Zero Deposit Gatwick

When hiring a car many don’t account for or aren’t aware that there is a deposit that need to be paid which is frozen on your account unable to access, this amount can be quite high in some cases and be majorly inconvenient as many may have accounted to spend the amount on their holiday that needs to be frozen. They may need to stick to a stricter budget to account for their frozen deposit and at Indigo we didn’t feel this was right and unfair that a hired car should affect customers holiday plans so we set out to do something about it.

We can happily announce that we managed to arrange a deal with a supplier in order to bring our customers car hire with no deposit at several locations across the UK including Gatwick! Enjoy your holiday more and book with Indigo. When you take our zero deposit however then you must also take our zero excess policy as they go hand in hand, this isn’t a bad thing however as in the event of an accident or any damage to the car you are covered and aren’t liable no money will leave your pocket.

If you do however take our no deposit/zero excess then it is going to cost an additional daily fee of £12/p day however its limited to 15 days so if you have a rental that’s over 15 days the amount you spend is capped. After the 15 days you are still covered by the zero excess but don’t have to pay anymore of the fee. Take full advantage of our great offers and book with Indigo!

In order to get this deal with no deposit you must call our team directly as this cannot be arranged when you book online. Call our dedicated and friendly team today to arrange your car hire with no deposit on +44 (0)113 880 0748. Please make sure that you call us to avoid any mistakes that may happen leaving you having to pay a deposit that you didn’t expect.

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