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Car Hire Inverness Airport With A Debit Card

Debit Card Car Hire Inverness Airport

Car Hire Inverness Airport without a credit card
Debit Card Car Hire Inverness Airport
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Car Hire Inverness Airport with a debit card
Car Hire Inverness Airport with debit card

We work with all the major companies offering car hire at Inverness Airport without a credit card.

Avis Car Hire Inverness AirportDollar Car Hire Inverness Airport
National Car Hire Inverness AirportBudget Car Hire Inverness Airport

All major credit cards are accepted for online booking

Pre-payments online are accepted by debit card however a major credit card will need to be presented on arrival. If you don’t hold a credit card our experienced agents can arrange for a debit card to be accepted for the deposit however this reservation needs to be placed via our team rather than online to guarantee your supplier will accept your payment method.

We can also accept various other types of payment however these bookings need to be made via telephone to confirm your payment type is acceptable.

Indigo car hire have no responsibility for failure to provide a major credit card in the drivers name on arrival unless a prior agreement has been agreed with our contact centre.
Types of payment available at Inverness Airport with a debit card

Of our suppliers in and around Inverness Airport with a debit card, The major companies are National, Avis, Dollar and Budget. We also have access to vehicles with a number of local suppliers.

Are you wanting to hire a car but don’t have a credit card? You may have already realised that this a real issue as majority of rental companies won’t allow you to hire a car as they don’t accept any other form of payment method. This can be majorly inconvenient as there are a lot of people that either don’t have credit cards or just don’t like using them due to how easy it is to get into debt which is completely understandable, so we thought we should try and do something about this.

We got in contact with all the suppliers at Inverness airport and eventually managed to arrange an alternative payment method which was to allow our customers to be able to use their debit card however it has to meet some restrictions that are in place as the supplier needs to ensure that the card will go through their systems, these restrictions are…

1. The card must be a Visa Debit or MasterCard Card as these are the only two types of cards that will be accepted.

2. On the card the numbers must be embossed meaning they are raised from the surface of the card and indented on the back. Usually also the numbers if embossed will be in silver and not black.

3. The name that is printed on the card must match the name that is on the driving licence produced upon collection or else you won’t be able to get the vehicle as the payment needs to be made in the same name as the driver.

If you are interested in hiring a car with your debit card then Indigo Car Hire are the place to call as we can arrange this hassle free and simple. If you want to get this offer please call us on +44 (0)113 880 0748 or email us at, Please DO NOT book online as we can’t ensure that you will get the right supplier that offers this deal.

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