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Car Hire Girona Airport With A Debit Card

Debit Card Car Hire Girona airport

Car Hire Girona airport without a credit card
Debit Card Car Hire Girona airport
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Car Hire Girona airport with a debit card
Car Hire Girona airport with debit card

We work with all the major companies offering car hire at Girona airport without a credit card.

Avis Debit Card Car Hire Girona airportEuropcar Car Hire Girona airport without a credit card
Goldcar Car Hire Girona airport without using a credit cardCentauro Car Hire Girona airport without having a credit card

All major credit cards are accepted for online booking

Pre-payments online are accepted by debit card however a major credit card will need to be presented on arrival. If you don’t hold a credit card our experienced agents can arrange for a debit card to be accepted for the deposit however this reservation needs to be placed via our team rather than online to guarantee your supplier will accept your payment method.

We can also accept various other types of payment however these bookings need to be made via telephone to confirm your payment type is acceptable.

Indigo car hire have no responsibility for failure to provide a major credit card in the drivers name on arrival unless a prior agreement has been agreed with our contact centre.
Types of payment available at Girona airport with a debit card

Of our suppliers in and around Girona airport with a debit card, The major companies are Europcar, Avis, Goldcar and Centauro. We also have access to vehicles with a number of local suppliers.

Car Hire Girona airport with a debit card

A large amount of the suppliers we work with all over the world let alone at Girona-Costa Brava only take credit cards, this is usually due to it being much easier to take a payment off a credit card rather than a debit. However the good news is we can offer car hire Girona-Costa Brava Airport with a debit card through a select one of our suppliers. The fact people have to use a credit card instead of a debit often frustrates customers as they are only given the one option. Credit cards can be risky as they can cause debt and bad credit ratings. We took all this into account at Indigo and we decided something had to be done to move away from the single minded choice of only credit cards.

We have managed to negotiate a deal with one of our suppliers so that car hire Girona-Costa Brava airport with a debit card is a possible option to our customers. The card has to meet specific requirements such as it must be a visa debit card and the numbers must be embossed on the card, meaning they are sticking above the surface you can usually tell this because majority of the time the numbers are also in silver. As well as the two other requirements you must also make the payment in the same name as the driver meaning the one who drives must be the one making the payment.

Through our reservation team debit card car hire at Girona Airport has never been easier, they will match you with the specific supplier in order to meet all your requirements whilst getting you the best possible deal.

Some of these suppliers require you to take an excess relax cover and/or additional insurance, this completely depends on the supplier however it’s not always a bad thing as it covers you in the unlikely event of an accident, which means you won’t have to pay out a massive fee for the damage of the vehicle.

In order to get your debit card car hire specifically as you want it please read below.


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