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No Credit Check Car Hire

Do you have a bad credit? There are a variety of things bad credit affects like renting a house, having a phone contract, applying for a mortgage and several other things one of which being car hire. Renting a car with bad credit can at times seem impossible with many people questioning how do you rent a car with bad credit or even can you rent a car with bad credit?

So then the question arises do you need good credit to rent a car? Unfortunately that in majority of cases you do need a good credit rating as you use your credit card to make the payment. This is unfortunate as it can be a real struggle to get out of a bad credit spiral and this shouldn’t ruin your holidays as that is a time to relax and have fun and car hire can be an essential part of your whole holiday or whatever trip you may be on so why should something like your past credit rating deny you this opportunity.

Indigo car hire looked tirelessly for a solution to this issue and realise that we already had a way around this and it tied in with another one of our extremely popular offers. Our debit card car hire offer means that we can do car rental debit card no credit check due to our offer which means we can supply car rentals that don’t require credit cards.

Bad credit car hire is possible through us simply because we do car rentals without credit checks thanks to us using a debit card. If you are interested in hiring a car with a debit card to avoid getting credit checked then please read our debit card page which will tell you all the rules and restrictions of the hire which you can find here.

If you are interested in organising a hired vehicle and have a bad credit score then don’t worry just call our dedicated reservation agents on +44 (0)113 880 0748 or email us at and we will do our best to help you and organise this deal for you as quick as possible and even save you money whilst doing so.

No Credit Check Car Hire FAQs

Can You Get Car Hire With Bad Credit And No Deposit?
Unfortunately we don’t allow this but we do allow a low deposit which is a full tank of fuel.

Is Long Term Car Rental Possible With Bad Credit?
Yes we can hire for 28 day periods no matter of your credit. We also have this offers on our leasing page.

Do You Do Van Hire With No Credit Check?
Yes even if you have bad credit you can still hire a van from us without an issue just let us know.

Is No Credit Check Car Hire Worldwide?
Yes we offer this service all across the globe and in the UK so wherever you are travelling just let us know.

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