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Insurance Excess Protection

Insurance Excess Protection

Annual excess insurance protection from as little at £39.99!!

Covers up to 7 additional drivers · Up to £2000 excess coverage · Covers excess on damage to the rental vehicle, theft and damage to windows & tyres · Annual Cover from £39.99 (21 – 85 Only)

What is car hire excess?

When you rent a car you will be advised that the car will come with insurance which is called CDW and Theft Cover. However like normal car insurance policies this will come with an excess. This can range from £500.00 – £1500.00 depending on the supplier you book with. In the event the car is damaged, stolen or involved in an accident you will have to pay the excess amount. This is known as car hire excess.

How we can help


Let us take the worry away from you, for as little as £39.99 we can ensure that in the event the car is damaged, stolen or involved in an accident even if its your fault we can guarantee you will not lose penny! This is a very popular option for expats who visit the UK on a regular basis, as if you purchase cover direct with the suppliers this can cost you up to £15.00 per day which is very expensive. Also if you plan to go on holiday anywhere in Europe and want to hire a car the policy also covers car hire excess in any European country.

How Insurance Excess Protection Works?

The policy basically covers the policy holder not the actual car. When collecting the car from the supplier you will be asked whether you would like to purchase additional Insurance Excess Protection. Once you have this policy you decline this as you will have cover already. Is the car whilst on hire to you is damaged or stolen the car hire supplier will charge you the excess on the card you paid for the car hire with. Then you will be reimbursed the amount charged through the insurance company. This is a very quick process and usually done within 14 days.

I Am Over 75, Can I Still Get Cover?

Yes, we can still help. Indigo Car Hire can cover people until the age of 85. You can get cover for 12 months for as little as £39.99 which is a good saving compared to paying direct with car hire suppliers.

Do You Offer Worldwide Excess Cover?

Yes, we can cover you for any country with a worldwide cover which is only £49.99 for the year.

I Live Outside The EU, Can I Get Covered?

Unfortunately the rules have just changed with this provider and they can now only provide these policies to those that reside within the EU There are other alternatives but they can be quite pricey, we are looking for a better product for our long haul customers. Contact us for more information.

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