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Can I Hire A Car Last Minute?

Can I Hire A Car Last Minute?
Can I Hire A Car At The Last Minute?

Many people often book their holidays with a car at the back of their mind. There are several other things that come before hiring a car such as flight tickets, preparation etc., but hiring a car can be an essential make or break of your holiday. Many forget about the car hire and don’t book it then find it extremely hard to get a hold of at the last minute. Let Indigo save the day, no one wants a ruined holiday just because of a car.

How much notice do I have to give before hiring a car?

We can book a car in just minutes, super Indigo to the rescue; we work with tons of suppliers so getting a car for you isn’t an issue as we barely ever run out of stock. We do all this at a fantastic price! The only restriction is that if you want to hire a car on the same day it has to be before a certain time in the evening usually around 5pm. Call our reservations team directly and we may be able to sort something out for you as soon as possible!

What’s the best way to organise my last minute car hire?

If you do want to book a car at the last minutes then its best that you call our reservations team as we will be able to organise it much quicker than our online booking engine. If you want to call our reservations team then you can reach us on +44 (0)113 880 0748. It’s also essential that you get your confirmation before arriving to pick up your car to make sure that its right if you want to read more into car hire confirmation then please click this link.