Expired license?

Some of the most common problems when hiring a car are related to having the correct identification. This is place to ask any questions related to this.

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Expired license?

Postby Indigo Ann-Marie » 24 Feb 2016, 17:14

Since the new rules in regards to the paper part of a UK license have come into place back in June 2015, many customers have had problems when it comes to having an expired photo card license. If you did have an expired license then before you were able to use your paper part of your license to show that you have a valid license.

As the paper part to the UK license is now no longer a valid part of your license, this essentially means that if your photo card license is expired, until this is renewed you won't have a valid license.

We do however work with a couple of suppliers at all of the main UK airports who can still help. Providing you have photo ID and can get a code from the DVLA website, then we can still help. This code, which is referred to as a DVLA check code, is obtained by going onto the DVLA website, typing in your driving license number, National Insurance number and the postcode your license is registered to. By entering the above details this gives you a code. The code then needs to be provided to the branch on arrival, meaning that they can check to see if you have any valid points or convictions.

Please do note that if any of the above applies to you as in your license is expired, then you MUST contact us directly either via phone or email as this does not apply to all of the suppliers on our website.

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