Debit Card Car Hire at Montego Bay Airport

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Debit Card Car Hire at Montego Bay Airport

Postby Indigo Ann-Marie » 23 Dec 2014, 15:49

We've now found a few different suppliers who operate from Montego Bay Airport in Jamaica, who can accept a Visa or MasterCard debit card. As usual the numbers on the card must be embossed, and it must be a standard Visa or MasterCard, not a Switch, Solo, Maestro, Electron, Laser or Electronic use only card.

The deposit depends on the supplier of course, which varies from starting from a minimum of $750. You can however pay a bit extra, pay for the additional insurance with the supplier directly on arrival, and this can reduce the deposit down to $250, but is optional of course!

If you do want to take advantage of this, then please contact us directly and we can check the options for you.

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