20 year car hire @ Barcelona Airport

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20 year car hire @ Barcelona Airport

Postby Matt Carter » 11 Jul 2014, 12:23

The questions asked here quite simply was can a car be supplied to a driver whom is aged 20 from Barcelona Airport - yes is the answer to the question, however the driver of the car must have a credit card in their own name, so that a security deposit can be held, this customer only holds a debit card, and whilst hiring a car with a debit card is again possible the combination of the driver aged 20, not unless they have a credit card in their own name.

The same conditions apply to most location in Spain :-) so whilst we could not help on this occasion this will hopefully serve as usual information for people moving forward :D

(11:34:57) *** Cherie joined the chat ***
(11:34:57) *** Visitor 16796930 joined the chat ***
(11:34:57) Cherie: Need any assistance please feel free to let me know - happy to help :-)
(11:36:28) Visitor 16796930: need to hire a car only 20 years old 21 in one month, is it possible
(11:39:28) Cherie: Hopefully - how long have you been driving for please>
(11:39:37) Cherie: And where is the vehicle needed from please>?
(11:41:19) Visitor 16796930: been driving for almost 4 years, from Barcelona apt and drop off malaga apt
(11:42:05) Cherie: Okay no worries - might be possible will just check what the minimum age is at Barcelona, do you have some dates please for the rental?
(11:42:33) Cherie: And is you don't mind me asking that this stage whether the driver has a credit card in their own name?
(11:42:41) Cherie: As this can sometimes make a big difference...
(11:43:11) Visitor 16796930: we want to hire a car today, for a week, the driver has a debit card in his name
(11:43:25) Visitor 16796930: but not a credit card
(11:44:39) Cherie: Okay that will not work I am afraid as for sure if we could do the young driver (20 years of age) they would need a credit card in their own name to be presented upon arrival at the car hire desk... sorry wish we could help, perhaps in the future :-)
(11:44:53) Cherie: Good luck - hope you get down south!
(11:46:19) *** Visitor 16796930 left the chat ***

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