Young Drivers with Debit Card @ JFK Airport

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Rob Selby
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Young Drivers with Debit Card @ JFK Airport

Postby Rob Selby » 03 Jul 2014, 15:02

Trying to get a hire vehicle when you have a debit card can be tricky enough but when you add in the fact that the driver is under the age of 25 then you may find it near impossible! Well not with Indigo. :)

With most rental companies restricting the age of car rental to 21 it can be very tricky indeed to arrange an option when you are aged 18 or over.
Upon doing some research we have managed to find a supplier which is able to offer the car hire for 18 year old drivers from New York JFK Airport. With this option there is a young driver fee charged at $52.00 per day to cover the additional insurances required to allow someone of this young age to hire a rental vehicle. On occasion you may also be subject to a credit check on arrival depending on your circumstances and where you have travelled from.

From this location we are also able to offer debit card use as well, so if you have a standard Visa/MasterCard debit card with embossed numbers and you are aged 18 or over, you can certainly count on us to arrange a vehicle for you. :)

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Matt Carter
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Re: Young Drivers with Debit Card @ JFK Airport

Postby Matt Carter » 04 Jul 2014, 09:46

Good information Rob - rate for the young drivers fee is pretty steep though, but I suppose there is much risk attached to drivers under the age of 21.

Looking on the brighter the fuel cost in the states are so low then, did 1200 miles last year in 2 weeks and I think the fuel bill came to approx £70.00! and if travelling from the UK the sterling vs the dollar rate at the moment is excellent and getting better each day - you have to be grateful for small mercies :lol:

Out of interest is the young drivers fee capped at all, or is it just a daily charge that applies throughout the duration of the rental, as if looking at a 2 week rental the charges adds up somewhat :-(

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