In your 70's honestly it is not a problem

This is the place to ask questions about if you are concerned that your age may be a problem when trying to hire a car.

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In your 70's honestly it is not a problem

Postby Matt Carter » 10 Jun 2014, 09:19

Such a frequent question.... it is truly not that difficult to hire a car if you are over 70 or even if you are over 80 and in some cases over 90.

We are no aware of the statistics surrounding / damage / accident claims, but we all have a hunch that the % of claims for the 25-30 age group is higher than that of the 65-70 age range ;)

See below the typical enquiry and also our response, which generally provides some satisfaction to the customer.

Dear Sirs
My wife (age 68) and I (age 78) are looking at hiring a car from Gatwick Airport in March 2015, for a 14 day holiday in the South of England. We are both British residents in Spain, and have Spanish driving licences, and are currently insured for our private car with Linea Directa here in a Spain.
We understand, from advertising in our local press, that your company can provide car hire for senior citizens.
We look forward to receiving information on our request for details on car hire for our age group.
Yours faithfully

Thank you for the below and for sure we can help you no problem at all, and probably as importantly it makes no different whether you are 27 or 77 when hiring a vehicle through us.
Happy to provide a quote at this stage or course, are you aware of your dates yet, or are we a little way from that yet?
Look forward to hearing from you.
Kindest regards,

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