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Greenmotion Bristol

Postby Rob Gillespie » 05 Jun 2014, 10:27

Some interesting feedback here regarding one of the suppliers of car hire at Bristol Airport - Green motion.

Green motion is a network of franchise branches, so whilst polices and procedures tend to be uniformed across the board of branches, they are essentially independent branches working under the Green motion banner, I suppose one of the problems with any franchise outfit is ensuring that the individual franchises main the standards set in terms of product and service - we are aware of the the various franchise and there can be a varying degree in the service delivered.

The branches all have an off airport present and operate a number of collection procedures, the main form been by way of shuttle bus so the hirer will jump on a shuttle bus which runs directly to the branch (there can sometimes be a small charge for this service - Heathrow been an example of a location that charges for use of the Hotel Hoppa Bus)

The customer here cites there is less confidence in working / hiring from Green motion than the likes of the bigger rental firms, the typical house hold names of Avis / Europcar - I suppose this will be dependent on the look / feel of the location and the people carrying out the rental (note the fact that the office was called 'basic')

Why do people tend to go with this supplier, the main answer to this question is price, as price as we all know tends to be a big driver in many purchases and due to the above, companies that are off airport and work on a 'no frills' basis tend to keep their cost base to a minimum and therefore can offer some of the lowest rates in the market, whether it is worth making this compromise (and whether people see it as a compromise) depends on the length of the rental / the time of year and the type of vehicle required, on a 2 week rental in peak season on a large automatic vehicle you might be able to save yourself £200.00 - £300.00 on the rental fee, so you need to ask yourself whether you are prepared to get on a shuttle bus - making contact with us means we can provide all the options whilst explaining the plus's and minus's with all the rental companies meaning you are able to make an informed decision with your eyes wide open :D

On the last point raised there should be no reason anyone has to chase a deposit refund, the process should be automated in terms of the holding deposit been automatically released upon return of the vehicle, again without wanting to blow our own trumpet too much this is the reason a company like Indigo sits in the middle we are able to action / resolve any queries of this nature in both a timely and courteous manner - this customer spoke directly to the branch as he more than likely thought that was the best route of action, perhaps did not want to bother us - but for sure we want to know about things like this.

For any further advice on this or any other matters re suppliers / service / conditions feel free to contact us on : 0113 2899 281 / or if you would like to see what others say about us and the service that we offer, check out the reviews on the below link. ... ws_1421895


Good morning and hope this message finds you well.

We really appreciate the time you have taken to make the comments below, I can understand these comments as Green motion are a smaller / independent company and certainly do not have the same structure in place as the 'big boys' but sometimes the need to use them is driven by price / value, and for sure in most circumstances they do represent the best value.

I am pleased to see 'we listened to what you wanted' as this is our aim and for sure next time we can compare suppliers for you.

For sure no reason for you to have to chase your deposit, and please if anything like that needs to be done in the future liaise through as we we are here to help and manage things of this nature, not something you should have had to chase in the first place, but for sure it is not something anyone should have begrudged assisting you with, in fact the opposite they should have bent over backwards to resolve.

We really hope to hear from you in the future (feel free to email myself direct) and again thank you for taking the time to respond to our survey.


Source: Hired Before
What Did You Think Of Indigo?: Professional, helpful and listened to what I wanted.
Location?: Bristol
Supplier?: Green Motion
What Did You think Of The Supplier?: Not impressed. Functional but not as professional as the other companies I have hired from with you.
Office is basic and not inclusive.
Any Other Comments?: I did not have the confidence in Green Motion that I had with companies like Europcar and Alamo.
In other companies I never had to chase up my deposit, it was all automatic even using the same card. Here I had to chase it up and was made to feel as though it was my fault.

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