Lowest Deposit @ Budapest airport

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Lowest Deposit @ Budapest airport

Postby Matt Carter » 18 Oct 2014, 09:00

Deposit are of course always a hot subject for people especially of course when renting a car to go on holiday with people tending to need the funds they have to make the most / enjoy their holiday.

The exchange below is regarding collection at Budapest Airport and cover a couple of subjects the first been renting a car without the need of a debit card, which can be tricky in itself, but renting a car without a credit card coupled with leaving a low holding deposit, but as you can see from the below it is indeed possible - and trust us 300 euros is low and the lowest that you are going to find.

For more info get in tocuh :D

(07:43:05) *** Visitor 35286137 joined the chat ***
(07:43:09) Cherie Walker: Need any information, please feel free to let me know - happy to help :)
(07:45:03) Visitor 35286137: yes need cheap car hire from Budapest no deposit and excess pay
(07:45:20) *** Cherie joined the chat ***
(07:45:27) Cherie: Okay no worries tricky one to be honest....
(07:45:46) Cherie: You will no doubt have some form of deposit on arrival....
(07:46:00) Cherie: Can I ask does the driver hold a valid credit card in their own name?
(07:53:46) Visitor 35286137: not a credit card a debit card
(07:54:55) Cherie: Okay wont be a moment as think it might be a job to get a car there full stop without a credit card...
(07:55:05) Cherie: But hopefully not :)
(08:01:47) Cherie: Okay sorry to keep you there - we can provide the vehicle on a debit card....
(08:02:05) Visitor 35286137: ok
(08:02:07) Cherie: And the lowest option we have showing at the moment by way of deposit comes in at 300 euros which is pretty good.....
(08:02:51) Cherie: We can attempt to obtain a lower deposit but to be honest it is a little unlikely as I am sure we would have looked at and checked this option previously....
(08:03:05) Visitor 35286137: ok the dates are the 14th to the 16th from Budapest airport
(08:03:25) Cherie: However we never say never here - so if you would like to provide your email address / phone number we can look at it for you tomorrow....
(08:03:35) Cherie: And what are the times of collection and of return please?
(08:03:59) Cherie: And can you please also confirm the driver is over the age of 25 clean license for more than 2 years.
(08:04:15) Cherie: And just to double check what bank issues the debit card you have please?
(08:04:19) Visitor 35286137: collection 12.00 return 18 00
(08:04:44) Visitor 35286137: yes over 25 more than 2 years
(08:04:58) Visitor 35286137: nationwide
(08:05:13) Cherie: Okay good so we are all okay on that front then...
(08:05:25) Cherie: Do you want the option with the 300 euro deposit to start with?
(08:05:29) Visitor 35286137: yes
(08:05:50) Cherie: Okay and size of vehicle please?
(08:05:52) Visitor 35286137: yes but would rather pay a extra excess
(08:06:09) Cherie: Extra excess for?
(08:07:13) Visitor 35286137: no deposit
(08:07:45) Visitor 35286137: or the cheapest deposit on a debit card would be great
(08:07:50) Cherie: Okay like I say we can check but I dont think you are going to get anything at zero....
(08:07:55) Cherie: Just one moment please...
(08:08:10) Visitor 35286137: ok you have all my details now ???
(08:09:42) Cherie: Yes, but to confirm the rate for the vehicle with the lowest deposit comes in at £65.98 for the 3 days your debit card is acceptable and the deposit is 300 euro.... we will search for someone whom provides a lower deposit but as mentioned unlikely...
(08:12:37) Visitor 35286137: ok thank you
(08:12:48) Cherie: Welcome - be back to you tomorrow...
(08:13:11) Visitor 35286137: can you send me the link to the one you have found to my email
(08:16:49) Cherie: Yes for sure can do....
(08:17:24) Visitor 35286137: thank you and contact details so i can contact you tomorrow
(08:17:39) Cherie: Perfect we will send that too :-)
(08:17:46) Cherie: Enjoy the rest of your day....
(08:18:11) Visitor 35286137: ok does the debit card have to be in my name to pay the deposit
(08:18:23) Cherie: Yes would need to be....
(08:18:30) Visitor 35286137: my brother who is going with me has a credit card
(08:19:25) Cherie: Okay does he drive?
(08:19:33) Cherie: Although slightly pointless...

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