Rules surrounding number of passengers

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Rules surrounding number of passengers

Postby Matt Carter » 13 Aug 2014, 14:24

Interesting conversation with someone whom was coming into the UK and looking to hire a people mover, they had a party of 8 people and a reasonable amount of luggage that was needed to be carried in - or in this case on the vehicle.

There are several types of people movers / carrier that people can hire, small MPV which fit 7 people, have 7 seats with seat belts, however with these types of MPV's which are often described a 5 plus 2 seat MPV's you would not want 7 adults in the vehicle for a journey that took a long period of time, as seat 6 and 7 are small seats and for sure this type of vehicle has a minimum amount of space for luggage, these types of MPV's tend to be the lowest cost option :-)

The next size up is the full size MPV 7 full size seats with a little room for luggage in the back and this is the type of vehicle where 7 adults would be seated comfortably, an good example model of one of those types of vehicle would be a Ford Galaxy.

The person below indicated they wanted to try and fit 8 people into a 5 plus 2 MPV whilst illegal for a start it is quite frankly dangerous, and whilst we are for sure not here to police the world of car rental or the roads for that matter, paying a little more for safety and comfort is something we recommend.

The roof bar/roof rack/roof box is a wider subject of luggage requirements / space and is something that we have prepared plenty of information on, and we will link to the various pages that cover these subjects.


(11:51:03) *** Visitor 95822840 joined the chat ***
(11:51:05) Visitor 95822840: Hello
(11:51:06) Cherie Walker: Need any information, please feel free to let me know - happy to help :)
(11:51:10) *** Rob Selby joined the chat ***
(11:51:23) Rob Selby: Hi there - think we lost connection there!
(11:51:35) Visitor 95822840: Rob , yes
(11:51:48) Rob Selby: Okay so I can offer you something like a Peugeot 5008 or similar for a price of £397.50. This would include Your VAT, Insurance, Unlimited Miles and Breakdown Cover
(11:53:10) Visitor 95822840: Peugeot 5008 , is it a station car ?
(11:53:55) Rob Selby: That is a small MPV but has 7 seats
(11:55:57) Rob Selby: Would this be suitable for you?
(11:56:36) Visitor 95822840: Little bit expensive for this type of a car
(11:56:56) Visitor 95822840: Can you send me a picture ?
(11:58:36) Visitor 95822840: Hello
(11:58:56) Rob Selby: Sorry I am just looking for a picture now
(11:59:04) Rob Selby: ... n9urIqH3qw This shows internal.
(11:59:30) Rob Selby: This is external - ... 493731.jpg
(11:59:43) Rob Selby: What price were you hoping for may I ask?
(12:00:57) Visitor 95822840: 300 sterling
(12:01:11) *** Cherie joined the chat ***
(12:01:36) Cherie: Okay no worries Rob is just on the other line.... so shall we email the quote to you?
(12:01:54) Cherie: Or shall we just leave you alone to make your decision :-)
(12:03:28) Visitor 95822840: Where we will be rails on top of the car to put our bags ?
(12:04:04) Visitor 95822840: You mean this is a final price or there are other options available ?
(12:04:05) Cherie: You are not confirmed to get the rails on the vehicle...
(12:04:46) Visitor 95822840: You mean by traffic regulations there ?
(12:05:32) Cherie: No sorry think I am lost here....
(12:06:04) Visitor 95822840: Or this option is not there ?
(12:06:38) Cherie: Still lost - sorry what was question I don't think I understand....
(12:06:44) Cherie: Can you please clarify...
(12:07:47) Visitor 95822840: About the bags ? Will this car take 5 bags and the passengers ?
(12:08:21) Cherie: Okay how many people are travelling in the vehicle please?
(12:08:59) Visitor 95822840: 6 adults , and two kids.
(12:09:11) Cherie: So 8 people in total?
(12:09:22) Visitor 95822840: yes
(12:09:45) Cherie: This is small 7 seat vehicle so will only fit 7 people and there is no room for luggage at all...
(12:10:17) Cherie: You need a 8/9 seat vehicle and if you did not like the price for the vehicle provided that type of vehicle is going to be @ least double...
(12:11:28) Cherie: So my colleague just thought this was for 6 people...
(12:11:35) Visitor 95822840: Is it lawful to put the two kids on our legs and spare the space for bags ?
(12:11:51) Cherie: So for a 8 seat MPV the price comes in at £767.18...
(12:11:56) Cherie: Yes sorry unlawful :(
(12:12:22) Visitor 95822840: Is there rails on top of car ?
(12:12:51) Visitor 95822840: To store our bags
(12:12:59) Cherie: Again not confirmed - but you would not have a problem with luggage in this vehicle it will have room for 5 bags.
(12:16:07) Visitor 95822840: Is it lawful to use rails with luggages strapped on top of it ?
(12:16:46) Visitor 95822840: The first car will be suitable in this case
(12:16:54) Cherie: No... you would need to put a roof rack on top - but you really would not want to get involved in that....
(12:17:18) Visitor 95822840: Why ?
(12:17:19) Cherie: And you are not doing to know whether the vehicle is going to have roof bars...
(12:17:33) Cherie: Why you would not want to get involved?
(12:19:25) Visitor 95822840: If I rent the Peugeot 5005 , the one you sent its picture , and I used the roof rack then I am done.
(12:19:57) Visitor 95822840: 5008
(12:20:36) Cherie: Maybe call to discuss this....
(12:20:48) Cherie: As I don't think you are understanding things correctly.
(12:21:22) Visitor 95822840: Explain
(12:21:28) Cherie: The 5008 is an example model it is not confirmed to be exactly the make and model in the picture.
(12:21:40) Cherie: So you are not forced to get roof bars....
(12:22:33) Cherie: If you did get roof bars to secure you luggage on the top of the vehicle you would need to purchase a roof rack, fit it and then put your luggage on and I honestly would not suggest doing that and nor would I suggest you would want to do that....
(12:23:28) Visitor 95822840: No I wouldn't . Send quote now
(12:23:57) Visitor 95822840: Bye now

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