Dog Cages in hired vehicles - yes you can

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Dog Cages in hired vehicles - yes you can

Postby Matt Carter » 11 Aug 2014, 13:34

People can of course request what are deemed to be unusual request when is comes to hiring a vehicle as people need vehicles for all types of reasons.

Transporting pets, whatever those pets maybe can be difficult, car hire companies do not bock pets been in vehicles as such, but you really do need to be mindful that if you are going to transport pets you need to ensure that the vehicle is returned to the rental company in the same condition, not exactly the same condition, but returning the vehicle full of dog hairs may result in a valeting charge been levied.

We have lots of information surrounding vehicle hire with a tow bar which is a fairly limited service, please see or of course call us for advice / assistance : 0113 299 281

The below is a quite a good example as the requirement here is actually for a vehicle that will fit a dog cage in, which can be quite large, hence the vehicle that we have suggested here a 'Double Cab Pick up' and by the looks of it, the dog was coming as it was a Family trip - hence the need for a Tow Bar :-)

(07:22:23) Cherie Walker: Need any information, please feel free to let me know - happy to help :)
(07:23:28) Peter Harvey: do you hire vans with towbars to tow a caravan
(07:24:11) Ann-Marie: Hi there the vehicles we offer with tow bars would either be a 4x4 vehicle or a people carrier, the most suitable for yourself would probably be a double cab pick up.
(07:24:16) Ann-Marie: this be an option at all?
(07:25:06) Peter Harvey: maybe, but have to fit a sizable dog cage inside
(07:25:44) Ann-Marie: Okay, do you know when you would be looking to hire please and where you would be looking to hire?
(07:27:00) Peter Harvey: 11th August - 17th August from Nuneaton
(07:27:28) Ann-Marie: Picking up and returning same sort of times? What sort of mileage would you be doing please?
(07:28:37) Ann-Marie: Okay just checking the options for you now
(07:34:02) Peter Harvey: Had a chat to Rob Selby yesterday and he suggested a Hilux or similar for the same deal as you are quoting, but as i said we have to get a dog cage in the back and i am not sure whether the vehicle would be suitable, so what about a people carrier, what do you have available
(07:36:02) Ann-Marie: This comes into the same category of vehicle, i can put a request in for a certain type of vehicle of course. Let me just double check the availability of the people carriers for you, one moment please
(07:36:15) Peter Harvey: ok
(07:37:31) Ann-Marie: Unfortunately there is nothing that sort of size with a tow bar for this weekend i'm afraid
(07:38:17) Peter Harvey: ok, will call later to arrange something,thanks for your help
(07:39:01) *** Peter Harvey left the chat ***

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