No name displayed on payment card

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Matt Carter
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No name displayed on payment card

Postby Matt Carter » 28 May 2014, 10:07

We have talked about this previously in another post - although I cant actually locate it :(

Please see below another example of someone who holds a debit card but that debit card does not display their own name, seems to be pretty much the norm in Malaysia

The below covers a couple of locations that will accept these types of payment cards, Germany and the Netherlands, as always any questions please let us know.

(12:03:16) *** Visitor 87004446 joined the chat ***
(12:03:16) Visitor 87004446: hello
(12:03:25) *** Rob Selby joined the chat ***
(12:03:25) Rob Selby: HI
(12:03:34) Visitor 87004446: browser closed unexpectedly
(12:03:36) Rob Selby: How can i help.
(12:03:46) Visitor 87004446: i believe i was talking to cherie
(12:06:06) *** Cherie joined the chat ***
(12:06:15) Cherie: Yep sorry I am here - sorry about earlier :-)
(12:06:28) Visitor 87004446: no about the date
(12:06:44) Cherie: Yes okay please proceed....
(12:06:57) Visitor 87004446: 7 to 14
(12:07:04) Visitor 87004446: june
(12:07:10) Cherie: Okay give me moment please....
(12:08:03) Visitor 87004446: ok
(12:12:36) Visitor 87004446: 7 - 14 amsterdam..thanks
(12:13:06) Cherie: Okay got it so same price applies of £161.16 for the 7 days - again a full drive away price collection in terminal...
(12:13:28) Visitor 87004446: ok
(12:13:48) Visitor 87004446: ho can i contact u for any follow ups?
(12:13:51) Visitor 87004446: how
(12:14:25) Cherie: Erm I am here 6 days a week :-)
(12:14:43) Cherie: And my there is a colleague here 7 days a week!
(12:15:10) Visitor 87004446: ok..I needed confirmation for my debit card
(12:15:24) Cherie: But seriously yes we are only a phone call away...
(12:15:41) Visitor 87004446: can i give u the name of my bank and the types of card that i will be using?
(12:15:54) Visitor 87004446: i need to be specific here
(12:16:09) Visitor 87004446: otherwise might get stranded if the card is rejected
(12:16:45) Cherie: I understand - but as long as it is a visa / mastercard with raised/up numbers...
(12:17:04) Cherie: Embossed numbers this been quite an important.
(12:17:09) Visitor 87004446: the number is raised up
(12:17:15) Cherie: Feel free to give me the same of the card / bank if you wish.
(12:17:25) Visitor 87004446: its just not as raised as my other card
(12:17:35) Visitor 87004446: i mean it can get faded over time
(12:18:08) Visitor 87004446: it does have the emv chip in it
(12:18:18) *** Rob Selby left the chat ***
(12:18:34) Cherie: Okay and what color are the numbers please?
(12:18:39) Visitor 87004446: white
(12:22:40) Cherie: Ah okay - see usually you have silver or black numbers - black number are not embossed and they are a no in terms of been accepted by the rental companies.
(12:23:12) Cherie: You can always scan the card if you would like deleting the sensitive information of course.
(12:23:40) Visitor 87004446: ok
(12:23:52) Visitor 87004446: can i give u a sample
(12:23:58) Cherie: Okay you can send to
(12:24:05) Visitor 87004446: ok hang on
(12:25:03) Visitor 87004446: Ill give u a stock image of the card
(12:26:17) Visitor 87004446: ive sent it
(12:27:18) Cherie: Okay just looking at it...
(12:29:06) Visitor 87004446: it has an emv chip if its any help
(12:29:29) Cherie: Right okay that card is embossed it is a visa so yes we are all good to go.
(12:30:01) Visitor 87004446: are u sure its embossed? because its not that raised up
(12:30:19) Visitor 87004446: i do feel it..its just its slightly embossed
(12:31:04) Cherie: Not that this makes too much of a difference as of course you want a car, but the rental is all paid upon collection... and it is worth noting that the deposit is 100 euro at Amsterdam.
(12:31:43) Visitor 87004446: ok..just 100 euro? how many days?
(12:31:54) Visitor 87004446: i mean for the deposits
(12:32:18) Cherie: Sorry yes the 100 euro is the deposit amount...
(12:32:32) Visitor 87004446: ouh ok i can live with that
(12:32:56) Visitor 87004446: so whats the process?
(12:33:07) Visitor 87004446: i mean if i book now then how do i do it?
(12:35:40) Cherie: Just need your name / contact number and the long number across the centre of the card we then email all the details through to you and you collect the car, really is as easy as that :-)
(12:36:41) Visitor 87004446: ok..ill need to do some research first..ill get back to you as soon as i can
(12:36:45) Visitor 87004446: thanks
(12:37:37) Cherie: Yes no worries at all - do you have your name so I can hold the rate for you?
(12:38:04) Visitor 87004446: yes..its yusuf
(12:38:54) Cherie: Feel free to like our FB page - you can actually see videos of the car hire desk @ Schipol Airport :-)
(12:38:55) Cherie:
(12:39:01) Visitor 87004446: amsterdam the 8th until the 13th or 14
(12:39:08) Visitor 87004446: thats the preliminary date
(12:39:13) Visitor 87004446: ill confirm it later
(12:41:57) Cherie: Perfect okay no problem at all so look forward to hearing from you :-)
(12:42:18) Visitor 87004446: thank've been very helpful
(12:42:58) Cherie: Welcome - any comment can be made :
(12:43:54) Visitor 87004446: it, thanks again
(12:45:58) Cherie: No worries enjoy the rest of your day :-)
(12:46:20) Visitor 87004446: too
(12:47:05) *** Visitor 87004446 left the chat ***

Indigo Ann-Marie
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Re: No name displayed on payment card

Postby Indigo Ann-Marie » 11 Aug 2014, 12:24

Hi Matt,

Had a Canadian guy a couple of weeks back who had a similar problem, looking to hire in Liverpool.

We managed to get him sorted out, as all he needed to present was some documentation from his bank to show that it was his card, even though his name wasn't on it.

Certainly is a rare occurrence, but we can help!

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Rob Selby
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Re: No name displayed on payment card

Postby Rob Selby » 20 Nov 2014, 14:26

Hi Guys

Funnily enough I have had another Canadian client looking to get a car over in Paris with no payment card on his name. I have managed to secure a supplier which can offer this service over at CDG Airport and they also take the debit card as well. :)

It seems that the main countries which seem to offer these types of payment cards with no name on there seem to be issued from Malaysia or Canada. I am sure there will be other ones out there as well but the large proportion of inquiries seem to be coming in from these two aforementioned countries.

So one to watch out for as we can certainly assist you with this request.


Rob Selby

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