Full to empty is Pre-paid with a refund :-)

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Full to empty is Pre-paid with a refund :-)

Postby Matt Carter » 05 Aug 2014, 15:57

This subject is one of the most contentious issues in the world of car rental, this is the full to empty fuel policy, there is no beating around the bush this policy of collecting the vehicle with a full tank of fuel, been charged upfront for that tank of fuel (generally at a inflated rate) and been asked to return the vehicle as close to empty of fuel as possible, and if there is any fuel left upon return it is simply tough, it is the customers loss and the rental companies gain and I would suggest over the year boy have they gained.

This amount for the full tank and let take an average of 100.00 euros for a compact sized of car in some occasions outweighed the cost of the car hire itself.

There is always the option of going with a supplier that operates a traditional fuel policy of full to full, but they tend to work out to be pretty pricey for the actual rent of the vehicle, and it sometimes can be a juggle comparing the 2, looking at the pros and cons.

This was the policy that the Spanish rental companies adopted up until the turn of the year, this been the policy that most National newspapers in the UK ran stories on telling of the horror that was 'full to empty' the 'Holiday makers hell' and we do not disagree with them.

With all of the above said the policy charged as of the 1st January 2014 and changed to the, the new policy is termed as 'Pre-paid fuel with a refund' so the policy is the same in principle that renters are required to pay for a full tank of fuel upon arrival, and yes there is still a premium to pay for the fuel (the way that this is sold is that the petrol is sold at pump prices, but the rental company kindly put on a mandatory admin charge!)

So essentially the working out's would be as per the below.

On arrival cost of a full tank of fuel = 100 euros, vehicle is driven and used for a 7 day period, and returned to the rental company with 1/2 of fuel, logic would suggest the refund amount is ​50 euros, but no you would be looking at 40 euro, meaning the admin charge is 20 euros.

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I think this information would be welcome by some, and keep people up to date with the current policies out there.

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