I have a puncture what shall I do!

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I have a puncture what shall I do!

Postby Matt Carter » 19 Jun 2014, 13:23

Things happen when people are using hire vehicles, just as they do when people are driving their own personal vehicles.

Scuffs, scratches, punctures, windscreen chips to name but a few - although these few are the most common place 'issues' Do hire companies charge for these elements of damage, yes they do, unless some form of top up insurance has been taken out by the renter of the vehicle, even then some of the elements of the vehicle (tires / windscreen / undercarriage of the vehicle) are not covered - make you wonder what is the point in paying extra in the first place, for more information about protecting yourself please feel free to view http://indigocarhire.co.uk/insurance-excess-protection/

The reason for this particular post today is based on a customer experience, hiring with Avis via Indigo our customer received a puncture to their hire vehicle and called us for advice as to what they should do, we called Avis and were made aware the customer will either be charged for a replacement, or if the customer wishes they can obtain their own replacement, however the key to doing this is that the replacement needs to be an exact match of the one that is been replaced - so if you are going to replace with another brand of tire, they is little point in doing so.

To be fair there is a very good explanation for this in that if the vehicle does not have the same model fitted it can indemnify the warranty on the vehicle - which we thought was a reasonably useful piece of information :)

Damage no matter what it is / where and how it occurs is always a controversial subject, we here at Indigo do not make the rules, we simply help people play by them when is come to car rental - but for sure are here to provide any advice you require.

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