Becoming harder to cover your excess

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Matt Carter
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Becoming harder to cover your excess

Postby Matt Carter » 16 May 2014, 11:34

Something which has recently been introduced by one of the partners that we work with for excess re-reimbursement insurance, as can be seen from the memo below, they are withdrawing providing this cover to anyone whom resides outside of the UK.

Essentially this is cover that is taken from a third party that covers you in the event of you losing any monies with the rental company, which comes at a fraction of the cost of what it does when buying it from the rental company direct, with the average cost per day to do been £15.00, and with this you are still not covered for a number of things that could go wrong, tyres / windscreen / loss of keys / wrong fuel.

We provide many of our hire's with annual excess insurance polices, which essentially provides them with piece of mind at a reasonable cost - £39.99 for 12 months cover is good value, and beats any rental company at their own game, slightly different as if you did lose any monies you would pay them directly to the rental company, and then claim back (the quickest we have obtain someone;s money back is 10 days - which is something we are pretty proud of) with this annual cover you can rent as many vehicle as you like in the 12 month period, anywhere in Europe for a maximum of 60 days at a time, so depending on how many times / day you rent a vehicle for over a 12 month period depends on how much value you get from your policy ;)

The whole topic of excesses / CDW / Top up insurance / CDW is something a novel could be written about and there are so many cases out there of people been caught out by top up insurance been forced upon them upon arrival at a car rental desk - dare I say this is partly where the world of car rental can obtain a bad name as a industry - we would like to think people see from the way we position ourselves that we are trying revolutionize that image :D

A link can be found below to one of the partners we work with whom provide this cover and a link to a page on our website that provides some further guidance for people and as always we are only a phone call / email away for some real no nonsense advise on this subject.

Rob there is also some updates needed to this page the product is £39.899 for the year, and whilst there are restrictions in place in terms of age it is 81 and not 74.

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Rob Gillespie
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Re: Becoming harder to cover your excess

Postby Rob Gillespie » 21 May 2014, 10:32

Hi Matt

Some great info here, thanks a lot.

I have updated the page to reflect the changes that are coming in to play.

Just a quick correction:
The standard cover is available to those aged 21-85 (not 81 as mentioned above)

Not great news for those who reside outside of the EU this, we will look at a better alternative for our longer haul customers but for the time being the only option is the reduce their excess amount with the supplier. This can be quite expensive but we have a supplier that charges £11.50 per day which is considerably cheaper than some. For longer rentals this amount can soon add up but for the shorter hires it can be a low cost way of securing peace of mind.

Like all insurance policies id like to remind people to read any terms attached to excess reimbursement, protection or reduction. Some cover you for less than others, its important to know what you are liable for.

EG - when purchasing excess reduction from a car hire supplier you are generally not covered for tyres, windscreens and the vehicle undercarriage but when purchasing an external excess reimbursement policy from a 3rd party, generally you are covered for more..

By all means contact myself or anyone at Indigo with any questions before you commit to purchase something

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Matt Carter
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Re: Becoming harder to cover your excess

Postby Matt Carter » 10 Jun 2014, 09:51

Wonderful some feedback re our posts on excess reimbursement..... and we are glad to have been of help.

Hazel, good evening to you too,
Yes is the straightest answer to your question.
We can provide an annual excess policy at a cost of £39.99, you can rent as many vehicle anywhere in Europe, with which rental company you choose and if you were unfortunate enough to lose any money with them in terms of damage you would claim is back via this policy, essentially via us as we would manage any claim for you.
You are actually covered for some things you are not if you take top up insurance via a rental company, such as :
- Lost Keys
- Wrong
- Damage to tyres and windscreens

We can arrange this for you at any point.
Very pleased to hear that you found this information via our Forum, I am actually one of the main contributors so the fact you found the information helpful is very pleasing :-)

Good evening,

I am hoping that you can give me a straightforward answer to a query as I seem to be going round in circles. I am resident in Spain, travelling back two or three times a year to the UK and hiring a car. I got stung quite heavily for reducing the excess for damage on my last visit. Reading your website forum I think I could get annual cover from you as a non UK resident. Could you please confirm this for me before I turn into a mental case from trawling the web.

Indigo Ann-Marie
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Re: Becoming harder to cover your excess

Postby Indigo Ann-Marie » 11 Jun 2014, 08:51

Hi guys,

We can now do excess reimbursement even if you don't live in the EU, thanks to a new insurance company, and depending on how long you want the vehicle for, this can sometimes work out cheaper than the £3.99 option. I've just arranged one for 5 days for an American customer, for just £12.00 for the full duration, and this covers everything such as tyres, windscreen, undercarriage, putting the wrong fuel in, loosing the keys and even if you leave baggage in the vehicle and it's lost or stolen. Not a bad policy for just £12.00 for the 5 days.

With this policy, there's also an option to take it out even if you're looking to rent a van. With the policy that we offer at the moment, this doesn't cover commercial vehicles, but now we can offer it, and it's a lot easier and a lot cheaper to arrange excess reimbursement, rather than paying an extortionate amount when you arrive at the desk.

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