France to UK and back again :-)

Taking a hire car from one country to another can sometimes be a complicated process. This is the place to ask any questions about cross border hires.

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France to UK and back again :-)

Postby Cherie Walker » 19 May 2014, 11:29

Interesting one here and covers a mixture of the services that we provide. We have just received a call from a British couple in France (70 years plus) whom want to hire a vehicle in France and drive that vehicle over the UK, spend some time touring the UK and then return back to France, covering

*Senior driver car hire
*Overseas car hire

This can be done without issue for sure with collection points throughout mainland France, with no extra fee been levied for the cross border / overseas rental, obviously with this been from France to the UK this is overseas travel as opposed to cross border :) as we talk about extensively on our website the suppliers we work with have no issues with the drivers been over the age of 70.

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