Do I have to Pay a Deposit?

Got a question about how deposits work when hiring a car. Ask in this section.

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Matthew McCorry
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Do I have to Pay a Deposit?

Postby Matthew McCorry » 07 May 2014, 03:56

Although it may not be the most useful of posts we got a simple question that I’ve decided to post on here.
“Do I have to pay a deposit?”

This is a good question as due to the complex nature of car hire deposits are different in different locations.

For short we can arrange car hire without a deposit however locations for this are limited, you can find out more information on this topic here.

But majority of the time in most locations we can only organise a low deposit offer which is typically the cost of a full tank of fuel. For further info on this, click here.

Hope this helped a bit!

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Cherie Walker
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Re: Do I have to Pay a Deposit?

Postby Cherie Walker » 19 May 2014, 09:28

Mat - numbers of things that can be said about deposits for car rentals, in short this an amount held by the rental company upon collection of the rental vehicle that acts as security for :

- Damage to the hire vehicle
- Any traffic violations that are incurred whilst in the hired vehicle
- In case the hire vehicle is not brought back on time
- In case the rental vehicle is not brought back full of fuel (where a full to full fuel policy applies)

Depending on where in the world the vehicle is collected and with which company the vehicle is rented with depends on what deposit is held, it is for sure one of the most frequently asked questions prior to people renting a car, as of course people want to know how much money is going to be tied up whilst there are in possession of the hired vehicle (it is worth noting in the vast majority of cases this amount of money is held against the drivers credit or debit card, and then released when the vehicle is returned, it is worth noting that these funds are not always free for you to spend straight away, and can take up to 10 working days in which to show in your account again)

We talk on the site lots about deposit, as mentioned it is a really important part of the rental process for many people, and generally as you can imagine people are looking for the lowest deposit option, although it is sometimes worth taking into account the cost for the vehicle and the terms and conditions that the renting company impose.

We will do some work on providing people information on deposit amounts both in the UK and abroad.

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