This is the place to ask questions about if you are concerned that your age may be a problem when trying to hire a car.

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Matthew McCorry
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Postby Matthew McCorry » 07 May 2014, 03:48

People often worry if they are over 75 they won’t be able to get a vehicle, here is a classic case with an email we recently recieved…

“I am 83 years old and have a Spanish driving licence with no penalties. I wish to hire an economical car to be picked up at Stansted Airport at 18.00hrs on July7th 2014 and returned to Stansted on 10th August at 14.00hrs I shall have one passenger, my wife who is 72 and also holds a penalty free Spanish licence”

And it’s true many car hire companies either charge an extra fee or simply don’t allow people who are over 75.

There are however supplier located worldwide that we have found which will allow for people up until the age of 99 to hire without having to pay any extra, the way it should be!

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Matt Carter
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Postby Matt Carter » 15 May 2014, 16:22

Please find link to a page which goes into a little more detail about what it is we can do for driver that are over a certain age, senior drivers are some people call 'them' OAP drivers other may call 'them' we call them people with a fair amount of life experience, sounds a lot better is you ask us :)

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