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Express service from Goldcar

Posted: 21 May 2014, 11:52
by Matt Carter
Cherie - re this service that Goldcar are now offering to us (I know they have for some time now - but it has always been problematic in pre-arranging) what does it involve, can you please provide a little more information surrounding it, what people do, how much it cost and of course what the benefits are.

Worth providing a little information re the problem itself, which we know is simply the volume of people renting cars in peak period which creates queues.

Heard some horror stories re Alicante and Malaga in the past, there are a few tips that can be provided to people to help minimise the impact - getting in the queue early whilst others collect luggage is one of these such little tips, but assume there must be others - what are they :?:

Re: Express service from Goldcar

Posted: 21 May 2014, 12:06
by Cherie Walker
Adding the Express Service option was a real pain in the past as this was something you had to select when reserving the car, which at this point you would not know how big the queue was going to be when you arrive.

A bit of a breakthrough today, i simply contacted head office and spoke to our contact there who was able to simply add and the cost was 20.00 EUR which in the past i have seen the charge been in the region of 49.00 EUR plus which is sometimes more than the cost of the car so as you can imagine not very popular which i can understand.

But to have the option of been able to add this when you arrive makes it much easier, if you see you are going to be a long time you are more than likely happy to pay the 20.00 EUR. But imagine if you paid the extra and then arrived and there was no queue would not be happy.

I have read on many forums this is a real bug bearer for Goldcar customers, now at least there is an option to get around this issue.

Hope this helps.