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Car Hire in Geneva Airport on the French side.

Posted: 10 Sep 2014, 11:03
by BogdanO
This week question comes from a client in Geneva:

Q: "Hi, I'm thinking of hiring a car from Geneva airport - French side. However, I'll be doing that 3 days after arriving, having stayed in Geneva City. Can I enter the airport from the Swiss side, then cross to the French side just to hire a car? Without having an air ticket for that day? Grateful for any advice."

A: Entering at one side of the airport and crossing into the other is not a problem.
There is an extra charge for crossing over the border which you pay to the authorities on arrival, which is approximately 20 euros paid on arrival.
As long as you can show that you will be flying back out of the airport at some point, renting a car from the French side would not be a problem.