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Driving Licence Tow Car driving restrictions

Postby BogdanO » 24 Jul 2014, 11:55

Drivers who held licences from 1/01/1997
with a category B (car) licence, you can:

    -drive a vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes or 3,500kg MAM towing a trailer of up to 750kg MAM
    -tow a trailer over 750kg MAM as long as the combined weight of the trailer and towing vehicle is no more than 3,500kg
*For heavier car driving you need to take a category B+E driving test*

with a category B (car) licence older than 1/01/1997, you are entitled to drive:
    - a vehicle and trailer combination up to 8.25 tonnes MAM.(This is the weight of a vehicle or trailer including the maximum load that can be carried safely when it’s being used on the road)
    -you can also drive a minibus with a trailer over 750kg MAM

For towing heavier combinations you need to apply for C1+E entitlement

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