Dollar @ Paphos Airport

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Dollar @ Paphos Airport

Postby Matt Carter » 05 Jun 2014, 09:08

Dollar rent a car is obviously a large multi national brand and whilst we cannot provide too much information about the way the company structures itself, it is clear that they have a number of franchise / licensee locations and I would figure the branch in Paphos or the operation as a whole in Cyprus is one of the those franchise.

Granted some people expectation of the quality of a hire car abroad can vary to a degree, personally I accept that is some countries and I perhaps Cyprus as one of those countries the standard of cars supplied might not be that of the standard you would get in the UK, the feedback below suggests so, and on a personal note when hiring in Paphos a couple of years ago the Ford Focus I received was not exactly 'new' and was slightly battered and bruised in terms of the body work, but you could argue that is not too much of a bad thing, as the road in Cyprus are not the best to be driving pristine car down.

We can only report on our and other experience, people expectations will of course vary, and by positing this information we hope that people will be able to make more informed decisions, and of course we are always here to help in order to give you a no non sense answer.


Your Message - FAO Anne-Marie - Hi, Just to comment that we were rather disappointed with the car hire here in Cyprus. As you know we booked a car with a free upgrade and after being picked up by a shuttle at the airport and a short ride to the Dollar depot we did the paperwork and were shown to a very dilapidated and dirty Ford Fiesta on a rough piece of ground. We were asked to go round the car to spot scratches etc which we did and there were quite a lot! We pointed out that the car was dirty inside and out and were told it had been cleaned the night before...anyway I started the car and put on the aircon as it was hot and the aircon did not work. The guy told me it would take some time but it did not get any better so they offered us another Fiesta next to it that was equally dirty and delapidated - the aircon did work but not well so I said I was not happy to take the car. The outcome was another upgrade to a Ford Focus in a better condition but a cigarette burn on the drivers seat. We have taken this Focus and hopefully it will be OK? The other people picking up at the same time as us all were given nice clean and newer cars so our free upgrade did not really give us any benefit and we feel we were just being fobbed off with a couple of old bangers. Not a good experience at all and we certainly will not use this supplier again.

Mr De Wet,

Thanks for the below, although it does not make for good reading.
Generally feedback re Dollar is pretty positive or perhaps it is a case of there is little feedback good or bad, the only experience I have personally had when hiring in Phapos was not a great one with the vehicle been a little tired, much in the same way as you describe below.
I can only apologies on their behalf and for sure in future we can stay clear of them, feedback of this nature helps us when recommending suppliers, although Dollar tend to be one of the lowest priced suppliers there, and perhaps one of the reason you came across us in the first place was the fact that you were looking to pay with a debit card (not sure but a lot of the bookings we send to them as for this reason)
I would like to ask whether you are happy for me to post these comments onto our Forum, which helps steer other people in one or other direction. Look forward to hearing from you on this.
Or even better feel free to register yourself :
Need anything further now or in the future please feel free to let me know.
Kind regards,
Matt Carter
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Hi Matt, Thanks for you reply and of course you may put my comments on your
forum - the upgrade car is just fine so they did make amends.

We hope Forum / website users find this information useful.

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Matt Carter
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Re: Dollar @ Paphos Airport

Postby Matt Carter » 18 Oct 2014, 09:46

More feedback re Dollar Paphos - it does appear that these guys service can at times leave a little bit to be desired...... but as we have mentioned before standard and expectations can vary to a degree from location to location / country to country.

You asked for my feed back from the car hire in Cyprus
1. spoke to a few people using Dollar/Thrifty in Cyprus and all were agreed it was best value
2. Car was a Nissan Note 1.4, auto as requested
3. Car had 35,000 on the clock was clean and looked well maintained with only a few minor scuffs and scratches on bodywork and wheeltrims.
4. It drove well and was perfect for our needs
1. On arrival the guy from Dollar/Thrifty turned up with a list of names but ours was not on it. he called his office and they confirmed our booking to him
2. the Dollar/Thrifty depot is some distance from the airport. A shuttle bus is laid on for the customers, driven rather fast!
3. The depot is located up a dirt track off the road and the sign for it is small, so finding it when returning the car is a challange
4. Don't expect to pick up the car and get away quickly. We arrived at the same time as 5 other parties and there is only one person booking the cars in and out, one checking the cars over and one driving the shuttle so things go at a leisurely pace
5. there was no instruction manual in the car so operation of lights, fuel cap etc is guesswork unless you are familiar with the model
6. there was no map in the car, which made finding our hotel at 10pm rather interesting!
Overall a good experience - I have had better, but also a lot worse in the past!
hope that helps
Thank you for your help and we look forward to using you again
Kind regards

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