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Sick of the long queues at the car hire desk?

Posted: 21 May 2014, 12:25
by Rob Gillespie
Here are some tips on how to avoid been caught in car hire queues over peak period (usually the summer holidays!)

  • Express service - pay extra to collect your car in a priority line (small charges apply)
  • Is cheapest best? Consider the length of the queue based on how popular the supplier is, maybe worth paying a little extra with a more expensive, less popular supplier
  • Online check in - submit details prior to collection, license details etc in order to speed up collection
  • Get in line quick - you can in many locations leave some of the party to wait for luggage, whilst the drivers gets in line to collect their hire car
  • Go off airport to collect your vehicle - these companies tend to be less popular and therefore the queues can be less than they are with the main stream hire companies (although must seek advice on who is / who is not reliable - which you do through us!)
  • Ensure all documents for the car hire are handy, whilst this might not speed up the line on your behalf if everyone did do this, then is would for everyone

As with anything, feel free to contact us for advice on any of the above.

I posted a blog on the above a while ago, have a look here- ... eue-spain/

Re: Sick of the long queues at the car hire desk?

Posted: 21 May 2014, 12:43
by Matt Carter
See below thread for further info...