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Leasing with bad credit

Posted: 08 Oct 2014, 16:48
by Matt Carter
We get a reasonable call for this type of service and whilst it is possible for sure there are many form in which you can lease a vehicle and the terminology that is used.

- Long term rental
- Flexible leasing
- Short term leasing

Essentially the above are all the same things, you take a vehicle for a duration that you are not tied into, the minimum duration been 28 days with the option to extend the rental and extend it indefinably if you wish, but of course with the flexibility of been able to walk away/return the vehicle after the 28 days - hence the 'flexibility'

There are no credit checks required to take up either/any of these options, and the car hire rates vary from location to location and depending on what rate is locked in when you book the vehicle.

We have a couple of examples of these offers / more information on the pages you can click through to as the below.