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Guranteed make and model

Posted: 11 Jul 2014, 13:50
by Matt Carter
We understand that some people are looking for a specific type of vehicle a Make and Model, a frequent questions that comes up 'Can I hire a Golf'? Golfs are very popular vehicles, I personally drive a Golf and my wife drives a Focus, in the eyes of a rental company these 2 vehicles fall into the same category - the company category, but in my opinion there is a world of difference in how the vehicles drive, but do they perform in terms of functionality, do they have 5 doors, are they the same size then the answer is yes they do, are the Golf's more desirable yes they are ;)

People want certain vehicle for the different reason, the below is an example of a request made recently, whilst we are not sure of the reason in this case, I suspect the person was looking to purchase a Seat Leon and therefore wanted to hire one for a few days to see if it was something they wanted to buy.

Fiat 500 have been pretty hot recently based on their popularity.

There are other reasons people looked for confirmation of the make and model of car they will be hiring, mobility can come into play sometimes, many people and dare I say in the main part people in their autumn years find it difficult to get in and out of cars that have a low seating positions, so rather than step down to a vehicle it is more comfortable to step into or even better up to a vehicle, so essentially a vehicle that is higher off the ground than the norm.

Accommodating the above is difficult that is for sure, but there are certain locations/companies that will confirm certain vehicles for hire, again something that can take a little bit of doing, and we would request anyone looking for a particular type of vehicle to make contact with us : or 0113 2899 281, look forward to of been of help :D :D :D