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Put on your driving shoes

Posted: 07 Jul 2014, 15:01
by Indigo Ann-Marie
A bit of a short and random one, but one of our regular customers who lives in Spain, the other day unfortunately had his wallet stolen and drove to the police station to report it. When he arrived at the airport, they tried to fine him 100 euros for driving and wearing his sandals!

It's illegal to drive a vehicle in Spain in open-toed shoes, so anything from sandals to flip flops. Good safety idea, but a little bit mad to try and fine someone when they came to report something themselves!

Also another little one, don't forget, if you're driving in Spain and Italy as well, remember to have your driving license at all times, as it is also illegal to drive without having your license with you.

A few little tips, to save yourself some money!

Re: Put on your driving shoes

Posted: 10 Jul 2014, 14:24
by Matt Carter
Yes for sure a quirky one here, but I suppose you can understand why this type of law/rules exist from a Road safety point of view, as driving in sandals or flip flops can be dangerous!

Been a few other post made on Forum / info website etc

Cherie you have had some interesting stories on this subject, but for sure I would feel a little miffed if I got out of my hire car in my sandals and found myself with a fine for doing, forearmed is forewarned :-)