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Book Early - It really makes a difference!

Posted: 20 Jun 2014, 19:41
by Rob Selby
When trying to book your travel and arrange your journey, you will often find that prices for the flights and hotels tend to fluctuate quite wildly, sadly this is the same with the car hire. However we have some useful advice which could save you a few pretty pennies! :D

If you are looking to source a great price for your car hire - you can always do this when you arrange your car hire very early. We always advise that you try to and arrange this as soon as you possibly can. Getting a price for a car, even if you do not book straight away is always better to do at the earliest opportunity as getting a price the day before you travel is generally very very expensive.

Now what many people tend not to realise is that the prices for car rental are on a live system, so what this basically means is that if you are getting a price today for a car collecting in a weeks time, you may get a very reasonable price of about £100 for a week, but then you could call up the next day to get the price again and the price may have increased to £120 for the week. This obviously does seem a little silly as you are still paying or the same product/service for the same duration but there is some logic behind it! The prices are based on the live availability of vehicles and the proximity to the rental date, they are set by the rental companies themselves.

So one of the key pieces of advice we can offer you is; "The sooner you book - the cheaper price you tend to receive".

Many of our clients have already got this down to a tee, just the other day I had a client who wanted to arrange their car hire for this Christmas 2014! Now that is Forward Planning! :lol:

We are also aware that sometimes, like if your vehicle has broken down or if you have had a family emergency that you may need to arrange a rental vehicle with very short notice. Do not be deterred by the above however as most places, including Indigo will always try to get the best possible price for car hire suited to your needs!

Re: Book Early - It really makes a difference!

Posted: 26 Jun 2014, 14:30
by Matt Carter
Good information Rob.

There is the whole free amendments / cancellations to bear in mind I know over the years I have spoken to people and encouraged them to book their hire car sooner rather than later, or as soon as they know they need it, some people do think that this is a little bit of a sales tactic, which is fair enough as I would imagine there are a few people out there that use this as a closing technique.

But it really does pay to book in advance this is for sure. As the car rental companies stock levels reduce there rates increase, preciously the same principle applies when you book Hotels or Flights. However if by some small stretch of the imagination rates do drop down from their original level a customer can just amend / switch the booking to the lower rate, if they go and check the rate and see that it has doubled they of course can sit back in satisfaction knowing that their fore planning has saved them a load of cash, it is called win / win - pretty much what we are all about here at Indigo :-)

Re: Book Early - It really makes a difference!

Posted: 11 Jul 2014, 13:19
by Matt Carter
Just a quick follow on here, yesterday I had one of my clients make contact from Australia re a rental for next year June 2015 to be precise, and funnily enough Alamo and Avis were not showing ay rates, yes rates were showing with a few companies (Easirent and Green motion - the 2 off airport supplier that service Heathrow airport (or two of the major ones that is)) but there rates were very high on a long terms rental, whether as Alamo and Avis cater for the long term / long haul inbound market, their rates tend to be 50% less than the ones mentioned previously.

I told the chap to give it a couple of months and I will be back to him :-)