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Which side of the airport do you need to be on?

Posted: 02 Jun 2014, 16:44
by Indigo Ann-Marie
Hi everyone,

Did you know that Basel Airport, known as EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg is split into two sides, a French side and a Swiss Side, not unlike Geneva Airport, which again is also split into a French and Swiss side. Basel Airport is based in France, but also has a Swiss customs area, and is connected to Switzerland by a border road. Even though the airport is technically in France, it's named after a Swiss city called Basel, which is located 6km away from the airport. Another odd thing, is that the airport has 3 different airport codes, 3! They are BSL(Basel), MLH(Mulhouse) and EAP(EuroAirport) so try not to get too confused when booking your flights and car hire, as we can arrange car hire at all of these locations of course.

At Geneva Airport, you can cross from the French to the Swiss side or vice versa but need to have your passport handy, as you're entering another country as well, it might sound odd but it's true! They charge a small fee to cross over the airport, generally around 20 or 30 euros to cross over, so always check your flights so you know where to pick your car up, so you're not hit by any cross-border charges when you get there.

Re: Which side of the airport do you need to be on?

Posted: 19 Jun 2014, 14:00
by Matt Carter
Interesting Ann-Marie although all takes a little bit of getting your head around :-)

Do you know what service we offer at these airport, thinking here re the below, which is what some customers are usually most vocal about, which of course we can understand why :D

- Debit card car hire - do you need a credit card upon collection in these locations?

- Low deposit, any chance of obtaining a low deposit or paying extra for zero excess which reduces the deposit amount on arrival, I know this can be a tricky sometimes and varies to huge a degree from location to location.

- Young driver fee, whilst it might not be possible to avoid these completely (I know you can get away with no young drivers fee in the UK) what fees are applicable at which location.

I know there are a few other things that might be useful but the cover most of the main points. I can understand why possible people come unstuck sometimes. Had a friend of mine who booked his car hire last week for Milan Bergarmo, when in fact his plane was arriving into Milan Malpensa! Not the best start to a holiday, however we did learn that the you can jump on a shuttle bus from Bergarmo to Malpensa!