One way from Spain to Portugal

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One way from Spain to Portugal

Postby Matt Carter » 22 Oct 2014, 17:04

Taking a vehicle from Spain to Portugal or vice versa is something that is permitted with a handful of our suppliers, one of the stipulation been that the driver must have a credit card in their own name to present on arrival for deposit against damage etc to the renal vehicle.

There is always a useful tip to get around the main driver not actually having a credit card in their own name to rent the car, but the drivers wife did whom could drive and could the main driver on the car rental agreement, this person would not need to even get behind the wheel if they did not want to.

We at Indigo always like to think there is a logically work around :)

To: Sales
Subject: Murcia to Faro
I wish to hire a car from Murcia airport on 26/7/14 at 12 noon and return it to faro airport on 12/8/14
Hi, we only have 1 supplier that allows this and they only take credit cards. If you collect & return to Murcia this is fine.
are you wanting to pay by debit card or do you have a credit card?
Yes we could do it with either debit or credit card
ok if you have a credit card in the drivers name is this fine, you can pay with debit just on arrival a deposit of £200.00 would be held on the drivers credit card.
What size car do you need?
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4:09 PM
A small car would be ok
Visitor 64192815
the credit card is in my partners name though!!!!
do they drive?
Yes but she wouldn't drive when we are away
too nervous!!!
Sorry, my colleague has just been caught on the phone. What I would suggest is that she goes down as the main driver as she holds the credit card and opens more options. Then we can add you as the additional driver and you can drive as much as you like :)
Would this be a possibility?

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