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Posted: 07 May 2014, 23:42
by Matt Carter
For the purpose of making this as clear as possible when referring to minibuses we are talking 12,15 and 17 seat minibuses.

9 seat vehicle and below have more relaxed terms so overseas visitors have no restrictions in hiring these vehicle, which is not the case with minibuses.

The generic rule in place with all rental suppliers on minibuses rental is that the driver must hold a UK drivers license or a EU drivers license (please note if a UK license then a category D1 driving license is required, someone will have automatically had this entitlement on their license if having held it prior to March 1997, if so someone would have had to sit a D1 test separate to their driving test. So essentially if you have a drivers license from Australia / North America an another of other places you are going to find it pretty difficult to get around, Indigo can in some circumstances provide assistance, whilst what has been stated is a reasonable generic with all rental companies we work with a fair few (these tends to be the smaller more autonomous rental companies) who will accept international driving license for the rental of minibuses. As always we would urge people to make contact with us if they require further information on this subject., and there is some information from the DVLA’s own website below, just follow the link.

Mat obviously minibuses are rented for a number of reasons, perhaps worth putting something together for people letting them know what size we provide, which is basically anything up to a 17 seats what makes and models are on offer, Ford transit / Mercedes / Renault and available for pick up at a number of locations.

From looking at our system, the below locations seem to be the most popular, it is also worth noting that these vehicles can be rented with just a debit card, there is no requirement for the driver to have a credit card in their own name, and whilst you can not get away with ‘no deposit’ you can with a low deposit’

    - Heathrow Airport
    - Orlando Airport
    - Gatwick Airport
    - Edinburgh Airport
    - Miami Airport
    - Manchester Airport

Rob I am pretty sure we have a dedicated information page about hiring a minibus perhaps you could provide the link for others.

Need anything further please feel free to let me know and please see below an example extract of information gained recently.

Spoke to Andy at the Cowdenbeath branch who confirmed that customers on a US licence will be able to hire the 15 & 17 seat mini buses. Just to let you all know, the Cowdenbeath branch have a £500 deposit on the 15 & 17 seat minibuses.


Posted: 07 May 2014, 23:44
by Rob Gillespie
Yes matt, here is the page

It covers 7-9 seat MPV’s and the larger minibuses.


Posted: 13 May 2014, 08:10
by Matt Carter
Thanks Rob reads well :-)


Posted: 14 May 2014, 15:39
by Rob Gillespie
Thought it might be worth doing a blog on this one too, after doing some more research there doesnt seem to be anyone else offering Minibuses to overseas customers. ... e-minibus/