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Posted: 07 May 2014, 22:49
by Matthew McCorry
There are many reasons people get convictions, and we get several customers who have had previous convictions but in the car hire industry there are some quite strict rules and restrictions in regards to it.

The two major convictions are DR10s and IN10s and you have to wait 5 years after your conviction date or from when you got your licence back if you where banned.

For example “i have had a dr10 can i still hire a car with you” This purely depends on when they where convicted and if they had a ban.

Whereas someone like “I had a 14 month ban for drink driving, this was 8/9 years ago, since then a clean licence, would this prevent me from hireing a car ?” would be fine as they are well over the 5 year period.

If you have anymore questions let us know!