Some reviews do need to be looked at

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Some reviews do need to be looked at

Postby Matt Carter » 01 Sep 2014, 13:51

Of course we at Indigo do by no means play down the importance of reviews, we understand the importance that they play in today consumer world, and for sure lots can be learnt from studying a companies reviews, we are for sure not trying to blow our own trumpet, but our reviews can be found below, the been the most powerful review sites but of course there are others.

And of course search 'Indigo Car Hire' I think you will agree the comments that people have made re our service is fairly impressive, but there are a few missed in to the positive reviews where things have gone wrong (mainly when the supplier get things wrong - but we have too!) the link that is posted below which will take you through to a post on trip advisor, and whilst most companies would say that negative reviews are unfair, this one really was, essentially this customers husband booked a vehicle via ourselves, his wife then arrived to collect the vehicle and opted in for several insurances that were 'optional' any company regardless of the collection location should be offering these additional / top up insurances, but the magic phrase is 'optional top insurance' ... gland.html

Whilst you can clearly see that the insurance in hindsight of the customer was not required, Europcar to be fair offered the insurance in good faith and as far as they were concerned it was accepted in good faith, and if the customer then wants the insurance removing, after enjoying worry free motoring and no needing to use the zero excess product you can kind of see where Europcar has declined the offer of a refund.

We at Indigo can provide categorical assurance that we are not in 'Cahoots' with Europcar or any other rental company for that matter to scam customer into taking extra insurance.

We would advise all customer whether booking through Indigo or not to check their paperwork before signing any rental agreement / acceptance of charges, it is very difficult to reverse things after the event.

So based on the below, reviews do need looking at first of all, and whilst you cannot get annoyed too much by these things, it is disappointing that this person making these comments does not understand that his wife should not have simply said 'yes' and signed to this effect.

(08:23:44) *** Visitor 16376269 joined the chat ***
(08:23:48) Cherie Walker: Need any information, please feel free to let me know - happy to help :)
(08:24:13) Visitor 16376269: Hey Cherie
(08:24:15) Visitor 16376269: 1 question
(08:24:19) Visitor 16376269: i was reading reviews
(08:24:21) *** Ann-Marie joined the chat ***
(08:24:24) Ann-Marie: Hello there
(08:24:25) Visitor 16376269: ive recently purchased through you guys
(08:24:29) Visitor 16376269: to hire a car
(08:24:32) Visitor 16376269: for the uk in august
(08:24:35) Visitor 16376269: i read this:
(08:24:36) Visitor 16376269: Be warned from another Australian just ripped off by Indigo Car Hire and Europcar, they offer very cheap prices but slug you when you leave the UK on additional insurance changes even though you tell them on nemerous occasions that you have the additional cover paid from Australia.
(08:24:52) Visitor 16376269: i want to go across exactly what funds we are going to be out of pocket with
(08:25:18) Visitor 16376269: someone wrote that on a forum and i just want confirmation - we paid the full amount of the rental.. we understand the deposit holding will be 250 pounds
(08:25:21) Visitor 16376269: is there anythign else?
(08:27:41) Ann-Marie: All you need to pay is the cost for the vehicle, which you have already paid for, and the deposit of £250 which is held on your debit card for the duration of the hire, and released when you return the vehicle. On arrival they will probably try to offer you extra insurance but this is always completely optional so you don't need to take this out. If you do take it on arrival, then decide that you don't want it then they would be unable to remove this from the rental, but you don't need to take extra insurance if you don't want to.
(08:28:09) Visitor 16376269: ah okay
(08:28:11) Visitor 16376269: now i understand
(08:28:17) Visitor 16376269: so we dont have to take out the extra insurance
(08:28:22) Visitor 16376269: and thats why matt was trying to say
(08:28:30) Visitor 16376269: sometimes they push you into taking the insurance on
(08:29:54) Ann-Marie: Yes exactly, to be honest at the Leeds Bradford branch they're pretty nice guys as we know them personally, but most suppliers do offer it to you, but you don't need to take it if you don't want. The above review was from a customer who's wife hired a car, took the extra insurance and when she returned back, her husband realised and wanted the insurance removed, but she had taken it when she got there.
(08:30:22) Visitor 16376269: all good thanks for letting me know
(08:30:34) Ann-Marie: No problem, anything else then you know where we are :)

** We look forward to hearing from you :D :D :D :D :D **

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