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June's topic

Postby Matt Carter » 11 Jun 2014, 16:17

Each month here at Indigo we have a brain storming session in order to decide what articles we should be writing in the coming weeks, this tends to be based around current trends / seasonal ideas, please see below (rough copies! which is essentially what everything is that we place on our Forum is!)

June 2014 – Blog / Material Idea – lets get this information out there in order to help people with their car hire enquires; the devil can be in the detail as they say.

Santigo De Compostela Airport or any other airport on the Green coast of Spain - what is the green coast of Spain, why is it called the green coast of Spain, what other locations are there, lets talk about the area a bit and the beauty of hiring a car to explore this area

Dunedin Airport, New Zealand this been one of our new car hire locations, apparently named ‘mini Scotland’ one would assume as there are so many scots living there, again if we can have a bit of an outline on the things to see and do there, as for sure a car is required to explore the surrounding area and Island as a whole

• The new terminal 2 has just been opened at Heathrow Airport which is all singing and dancing futuristic airport terminal, apparently John Lewis are opening their first airport terminal store and one of the fancy chef – cant remember the chap name is opening a flag ship restaurant there. Plans are underway for the demolishing on T3 and further extension

Best towing vehicle for 2014 – we did this in 2013 and it was helpful to people based on the number of people who said they had read the blog. People hire cars with tow bars as they are towing something – obviously, but towing what and are the particular vehicles that tow certain things better, I would imagine only certain vehicles will tow certain things, a Vauxhall Astra is not going to tow a boat! Where as a Landover Defender (which we have in stock will!)

We can provide tow bars vehicle in the following locations on a walk-in basis and can deliver to most other areas
- Leeds
- Enfield
- Nuneaton
- Bristol
- Edinburgh

This leads directly onto another topic which is quite well documented as throwing up a few oddities, taking a hire vehicle overseas.

How best is it to observe the local driving laws when taking a hire vehicle over seas, what restrictions are put in place if any, we have recently done some research and wrote about taking vehicles on a ferry (hired vehicle that is) and the registration process involved when booking your ferry. A very popular location to travel to is France, please put something together about the law in France and how best our customers can confirm to those rules!
• Always a controversial topic to discuss, but nevertheless needs addressing and the more people that are aware that if committing any type of traffic violation in a hired car they will be penalized more than the fine itself, so even more reason to ask people to be extra careful, link to details of the congestion charging zone increase, been increased by some 15% as of mid June - http://www.bvrla.co.uk/news we also talk about the admin charges imposed quite extensively on, anything more we can share / support on will only be of help to others. viewtopic.php?f=33&t=59

- 8/9 seat vehicles become very popular at this time of year a number of people looking to hire them for combined family outings / family visiting from overseas or for those people with big families whom are just looking to get out and enjoy the weather together
We know these vehicles are very to come by and that we have one of the largest stocks levels in the UK
Lets talk about the types of vehicles we offer, which can be found on our 8/9 seat page. It is worth noting too in any material we produce that these vehicles can be obtain on a low deposit basis / with a debit card and with zero excess, as a little brucie bonus we can also offer free add drivers

- Birmingham Airport is a difficult location to obtain an 8/9 – many people find us after searching for a while and are over the moon when hearing we can supply a 9 seat vehicle delivered to BHX – full meet and greet service so I think it is worth us writing that this is a service we offer, someone waiting in arrival with a board that displays the hirers name, handover been done at the airport, trust people knowing that we provide this service will make there day, make the material as good as possible so as many people as possible find it 
- We also offer Meet and Greet service @ Both Heathrow and Gatwick Airport in additional to Edinburgh and Glasgow, so I think a separate blog entry / post with regards to this service, again pretty unique in terms of the personalized pick up / delivery service and would be perfect for business travelers that are ferrying VIP about…. Perhaps something people could take advance of with the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow
- Gives me another idea again surrounding multi seat vehicles and in particular golfers coming into Glasgow or Edinburgh to play Golf in Scotland I personally do not know a great deal about Golf and what course are where, but some information surrounding Golf courses in Scotland would be useful, and what people need to look out for when selecting their hired vehicle, seen many people get caught out over the years, 7 large chap come over to play gold for 3 days with a set of golf clubs each and a small amount of luggage and it simply does not work on a space level, people with a party of this size and luggage requirements need to be looking at a 8 or 9 seat vehicle, and anything we can do to help / point that out can only be useful
- Groningen Airport (Netherlands) – this is a new location to be our books where we can accept payment by a debit card, apparently whilst not a high profile location they hold some motorbike competitions there, similar to the TT races on the Isle of Man, put it this way people must go there as we have an enquiry to rent a car 
- Geneva Airport has a little bit of a strange set up, you can either arrive into the French side or the Swiss side not sure about cost of flights, but it tends to be the case that when renting a car on the French side it can be significantly cheaper and there seems to be no restriction to taking a vehicle through the border (which apparently is a tunnel that runs adjacent to the airport) be good to provide some information on the set up and this money saving tip
- It seem to be a popular thing to rent a car in Malaga and travel over into Gibraltar, Gib been about 100 miles down the road from Malaga, but don’t quote me on that  it can be a little hit and miss as to whether suppliers allow this, we knew which do and would just ask for people to get in touch with us, should they need to know which one / use this service, just require a little information about the location and how to get to it.
- Vans as in commercial vehicles have always been difficult to get hold of, and whilst the majority of people whom come into Heathrow and need to hire a vehicle needs a car I can think of a couple of customers of mine whom come over on antique hunt and need a van, some information re this service and the benefits of it would no doubt be useful to other, the usual service applies, low deposit van hire at both Gatwick and Heathrow, as well as no credit card needed on collection
- Came across another type of payment card the other day the ‘Super Flash card’ which on the face of it is a debit card that is meant to electronic use, so as we know presents an impossibility when it comes to renting vehicle in most locations across the world, but something that can be covered here in the UK at the following locations – Glasgow / Edinburgh / Liverpool Airport / Bootle Downtown / Manchester Airport / Birmingham Airport / Luton Airport / Heathrow Airport / Gatwick Airport
- It is becoming harder and harder to hire a car in the UK without either part of your drivers license, but we understand there are certain circumstances that mean you simply don’t have either part of your license, whether you have sent it off to be updated, lost it, washed it or wherever else it may be – so suspect this is something, this service is something that people are searching for / looking for, so any piece that can be put together advising / advertising people of this new service would of course be beneficial maybe worth putting a humorous twist to the post about where someone’s drivers license could be!
- Summer it rapidly approaching, although you could argue judging by the weather today people are keen to enjoy the sunshine and hiring a convertible is always popular, not many companies can boast been able to supply these types of vehicles, we can of course and have a wide selection of them to offer, might be worth stating what makes and models that we can offer and, along with types of standard sports cars as again these are very popular as soon as the weather turns for the better, we have previously produced articles surrounding enjoyable drivers around Europe, if we could can we produce 4 articles, based around the best driving rds or point to point destinations, for example the run up the A64 for us from Leeds to the Lakes is a very nice route and takes in some fantastic scenery, this is actually going to be used as part of the route of ‘Le tour’

So there we have it some food for thought for next months articles, as always if any clarification is required feel free to contact me and let me know.

Many Thanks,


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