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Posted: 07 May 2014, 02:40
by Matthew McCorry
we received a question through one of the forms on our website that we thought would be useful for our forum users to know the answer too.
“we are bringing our Grandson with us to Cyprus who is only 7 months old, do you supply a baby seat with your cars?”


Posted: 07 May 2014, 02:41
by Matt Carter
Nice easy one this Mat, the answer is yes, they can be provided, of course there is an extra cost, but in terms of how these extra cost go the figure is pretty low, £15.00 for a week.
I can remember hiring one myself back in 2010 in Pahpos – we hired a car of course too :-)

Another little pointer on hire cars in Cyprus, there is a airport tax levied on the car rental companies, I assume this is per transaction, the charge been 20 euro, we always make people aware of this charge so they can factor it in, all rental companies levy this charge, and suppose the only way of avoiding it would be to hire a car in resort, which probably defeats the object as many people hire cars to get from the airport to their resort and back again :-)


Posted: 07 May 2014, 02:43
by Matthew McCorry
Cheers for that, that is quite a low cost in comparison to some areas.
also that’s quite useful for our customers to know about the extra airport charge of 20 Euros per day, so therefore a bit of advice if you are hiring for a day or two it may just be worth getting a taxi instead as an alternative option as it may be cheaper!

Also what I noticed was there was a collect full and return empty which would mean that you have to pay for a full tank of fuel, it would be almost impossible to use a full tank in two days!

How much would they charge you for a full tank of fuel?


Posted: 07 May 2014, 02:44
by Matt Carter
Correct and whilst we are here to hire cars you would for sure be better looking at a taxi for a 2 days rental :-)
Yes the fuel can be a real stinger, as you are no doubt aware most countries / suppliers operate a full to full fuel option, meaning you collect he vehicle full of fuel and then you return full of fuel, this been the easiest way to operate.

The full to empty that you mention, essentially means you are charged for a fuel tank of fuel upon arrival, no you don’t have to take it back empty, but by the same token you are not refunded for any fuel that is unused, our best advice is to try and beat the rental companies at their own game and return it as empty as possible.

We do not suggest that this is a user friendly policy, however escaping it in someone like Cyprus is not possible, this is to do with that the fact that when the vehicles are returned to manufacturers or taken off the island to be sold the vehicle need to have a empty tank as they are required to in order to get onto the ferry.

Same principle applies when hiring a vehicle in Malta or the Channel Islands :-) whilst one to watch for, we would always advise people when we speak with them.


Posted: 07 May 2014, 02:45
by Matthew McCorry
It comes across that full to empty is quite a negative thing but is there ever a situation where it is positive?
I also know that this is a major issue in Spain as many people get stung by this cost and aren’t aware before hand or this charge (not through Indigo of course).


Posted: 07 May 2014, 02:46
by Matt Carter
Potentially – a scenario could potentially be flying out of an unfamiliar airport, you are on a tight schedule and the last thing you fancy doing is driving around looking for a fuel station, so yes potentially a positive in some circumstances :-)
Correct Spain is the country that is ‘at it the most’ see below for an excellent way that one of the major hire companies explains this policy :-) judge for yourself as to whether you think it is customer / user friendly or not.

The main advantages for the SDR/QRS will be as follows:
-The vehicle is provided with a full tank
-It is not necessary to refill the tank before returning the vehicle
-Avoid unnecessary delays while returning the vehicle:
a. A check-in process is not necessary to prove the vehicle is topped up at the
time it is returned
b. it is not necessary to look for a petrol station to refill the vehicle near to the
drop off location
-Avoid refueling errors and the consequent costs as this is considered negligence
-Flexibility in the rental


Posted: 07 May 2014, 02:47
by Rob Gillespie
Hi Guys, here is some more information on hiring child seats with your car
As always though, with something specialised lie this, its always better for the client to speak to us direct and we can check with the suppliers and get them the best deal