Pre-paid Superflash cards

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Pre-paid Superflash cards

Postby Matt Carter » 15 May 2014, 14:42

**Okay we have recently come across these types of payment cars, superflash cards which are basically pre-paid / pre-loaded debit card, so you load money onto them as you go, they are not linked to a bank account, which causes problem renting a vehicle, whilst the below discussion is surrounding hiring a car in Barcelona which is unfortunately not permitted on this type of card.

You can however use one of these superflash cards to rent at the following locations in the UK. London Heathrow / London Gatwick / London Luton / Birmingham International / Manchester / Liverpool Airport and downtown / Edinburgh Airport / Glasgow Airport - however to take advantage of this we ask people make contact with us - it is good to talk ;)

(08:01:47) *** Visitor 35225426 joined the chat ***
(08:01:47) Visitor 35225426: hi hello
(08:02:20) *** Cherie joined the chat ***
(08:02:27) Cherie: Yes hi there can I help you?
(08:02:33) Visitor 35225426: yes please
(08:02:54) Visitor 35225426: we are a couple from italy we would liek to rent a car from barcelona this july but we have no credit card, is it possible ?
(08:03:25) Cherie: Yes and the driver has a debit card in their own name is that correct?
(08:03:32) Visitor 35225426: yes, mine
(08:03:50) Cherie: If so can you please confirm that the debit card is a either visa or master card and has raised / embossed numbers?
(08:04:01) Cherie: No Electron / Solo or Maestro.
(08:04:35) Visitor 35225426: yes its mastercard
(08:04:42) Visitor 35225426: its called superflash
(08:04:48) Visitor 35225426: i dotn knwo if u know it
(08:05:51) Cherie: Ah okay never heard of one of those.
(08:06:11) Cherie: What colour are the numbers on the front of the card please?
(08:06:34) Cherie: Debit cards are fine but it is important to ensure it is the right type.
(08:06:51) Cherie: As certain types simply do not work when it comes to the collection of the hire car.
(08:07:07) Visitor 35225426: color is black
(08:07:28) Cherie: Black are not good numbers I am afraid :-(
(08:07:54) Cherie: The numbers will not be properly embossed/raised up from the card.....
(08:08:11) Cherie: They will be relatively smooth to touch I assume?
(08:08:27) Visitor 35225426: they are embossed
(08:08:50) Visitor 35225426: if u are able to digit superflash on google u can see one of it
(08:08:54) Visitor 35225426: so u have the idea
(08:09:13) Cherie: Fully embossed debit cards have silver numbers.
(08:09:42) Visitor 35225426: then i guess i cant use it
(08:09:54) Cherie: You can send us a picture of the card by all means, blocking out any sensitive information of course.
(08:09:56) Visitor 35225426: actually my girlfirend has a credit card but she has no drivers licence...
(08:10:03) Cherie: In order to check for you.
(08:10:35) Cherie: Ah that does not really help, you cant have a third party pay for the hire vehicle.
(08:10:42) Cherie: It must be the drivers card.
(08:10:47) Visitor 35225426: i see
(08:11:26) Cherie: So I suspect your debit card is not going to allow you to rent a car, but as mentioned we can check for you.
(08:11:38) Cherie: Sorry wish I could say something else.
(08:11:57) Cherie: Are you based in Italy?
(08:12:04) Visitor 35225426: too bad
(08:12:16) Visitor 35225426: yes i live here
(08:13:21) Cherie: Ah okay I think those cards superflash cards are only issued in Italy, as not heard of them before.
(08:13:41) Visitor 35225426: ok so nothing thne
(08:13:44) Visitor 35225426: thansk anyway
(08:14:28) Cherie: No worries and yes found out for sure based on the below link that we would not be able to help, as this is a pre-paid debit card.
(08:14:28) Cherie:
(08:14:35) Cherie: Good luck anyway though :-)
(08:14:40) Cherie: And perhaps we can help in the future.
(08:14:45) Cherie: Kind regards, Cherie.
(08:15:19) Visitor 35225426: yes thats the one
(08:15:21) Visitor 35225426: ok ...thx
(08:15:28) Visitor 35225426: bye
(08:16:16) *** Visitor 35225426 left the chat ***

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