NO cash deposit @ Alicante....

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NO cash deposit @ Alicante....

Postby Matt Carter » 10 May 2014, 15:35

Please please remember to read your car hire voucher prior to leaving to go on holiday.

We have just had a poor lady call up whom have arrived at Alicante Airport booked with Thrifty (whom are severed by Hertz) only to be surprised when the company would not accept a cash deposit, and was basically turned away at the desk with both her 2 young children in two, and sad start to anyone holiday.

Dont get me wrong we have known companies to accept cash deposit, but these are only in exceptional circumstances, and tends to be more when the rental agent takes pity on the customer - although can only assume the person on the desk here at Hertz could no, we will give the benefit of doubt ;)

The annoying thing is for the customer is that they drew out the money of their bank in England and got it changed into Euros thinking that would be fine to act as a deposit, and of course there is no way now to get that money back in the bank to act as a deposit.

We were able to help by finding a car that could be paid for an a relatives card, and by taking the top up insurance they negated the need to leave at deposit when taking the vehicle, but still this could have been avoided had the voucher been read in the first place.

Thankfully this person and their family was able to continue with their holiday, and we are pleased to have been able to make this happen :D

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