Car hire with non embossed numbers - Italy

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Car hire with non embossed numbers - Italy

Postby Matt Carter » 10 May 2014, 15:03

Here we find an example of an inquiry from someone who does not hold a credit card and wishes to rent a vehicle in Italy, Trevios airport to be exact, and whilst it can be done it is important to ensure that the card payer whilst not having a credit card, has the right type of card to ensure that the vehicle is not refused upon arrival.

This person has taken the trouble to provides links to the types of card/s in their possession, all of which as you will see from where they link to are for cards with non embossed numbers, as you can see the numbers are 'printed' on the card, cards with printed numbers do not go through the card machine I am afraid, and as you can see from the comments below this person is aware that not having the right type of card meaning the car rental was denied, can ultimately lead to a ruined vacation.

As it turns out this person was able to apply for a standard visa debit card in the time they were due to travel, so the story did have a happy ending, which just goes to highlight even more how important it is to ensure you have done a little bit of homework before travelling / booking your hired car ;)

See our dedicated page on renting a car in Italy with a debit card, as per the link below.

I must say none of the cards given as per the below look as if they would be suitable, it appears that numbers are 'printed' on the card as opposed to been embossed, the embossed part been a pretty important factor as to whether the card is accepted or not, so if I had to provide a yes or no at this stage it would be a no I am afraid.
Electrons and Maestro cards are not accepted I am afraid.
I wish I could provide better / more positive news.


Dear Madam/Sir,
I am willing to rent a car at Treviso Airport, Italy, for a duration of 3 days (23-26 May). However, I just have several debit cards (Maestro and Visa Electron), but not a credit card. Is it possible to make the booking with debit card, i.e. can you guarantee that the car rental company is not going to destroy my vacation by refusing to rent the car to me as I have a debit card only? Unfortunately, I cannot apply for a credit card, as the procedure would take at least 3 weeks.
I checked the video at your website and noticed that it is possible to make a car rental reservation ONLY by Visa DEBIT card or MasterCard Debit card. I am working on obtaining such debit cards.
Do you find some of these cards acceptable: ... assic.nspx ... ticka.nspx ... uc=1&par=0
I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Thank you in advance for your assistance!
Best regards,

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