UnionPay cards - no cvc - can I hire

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UnionPay cards - no cvc - can I hire

Postby Matt Carter » 09 May 2014, 09:49

Wow - Interesting one here and must admit in the 15 years of been in the car hire business, I have never hear of a payment card by this name, this been a UnionPay card, which appears to be some type of cash card issued by a Chinese bank, but not supported by either visa or master card, oddly enough the cards do not carry a cvc number.

Can this car be used to hire a car is the question we are been asked and the answer is yes, but companies that will rent the car are few and far between, people are requested to make contact with us if they hold a UnionPay card and would like to rent a vehicle, we from there can point them into the right direction :)

(09:59:39) *** Visitor 36536492 joined the chat ***
(09:59:39) Visitor 36536492: Do you accept UnionPay cards. I am expat livingin China visiting for 5 days in June
(09:59:47) *** Connor joined the chat ***
(10:00:09) Connor: Where are you looking to hire a vehicle from please?
(10:00:19) Connor: Also is the payment card linked to a bank account?
(10:00:44) Visitor 36536492: 4th June to 9th June from Heathrow airport
(10:01:31) Visitor 36536492: Yes the payment card is linked to my bank account direct, basically a debit card ih the UK
(10:01:44) Visitor 36536492: Just my Chinese bank
(10:02:06) Connor: No problem. Does it have the raised numbers on the front?
(10:02:31) Connor: Does it mention any of the following on there Switch Solo Laser Electron Maestro
(10:04:18) Visitor 36536492: Yes to raised numbers and commences with 62 for international use. No to the 2nd part of question
(10:04:52) Visitor 36536492: No Switch etc
(10:05:23) Connor: Would it be a Visa or Mastercard? :)
(10:06:26) Visitor 36536492: No,UnionPay. Use it in ATM's with no problem Thailand
(10:06:57) Connor: Do you have some times of arrival and departure please?
(10:07:57) Visitor 36536492: 4th June take car about 12:30 on 9th June bring back car 12noon
(10:08:58) Connor: Let me check the options for you..
(10:09:20) Connor: Do you have an email address? I will send you a full quotation over to you with everything that you need to know
(10:09:49) Visitor 36536492: ok, I can pay by Paypal but that probably doesn't help you.
(10:10:38) Connor: Thank you for that
(10:10:55) Connor: Could you confirm the age of the main driver please? :)
(10:11:47) Visitor 36536492: I am 61
(10:11:50) Connor: What size vehicle are you looking for please?
(10:12:12) Visitor 36536492: Automatic Golf or above
(10:12:57) Visitor 36536492: Travelling to visit relatives on south coast mainly
(10:13:17) Visitor 36536492: Southampton to Exmouth
(10:13:54) Connor: That is great. With the type of payment card that you hold, it does limit your options to the one supplier. I am going to look into the rates now for you and send everything over that you need to know
(10:14:40) Visitor 36536492: Ok thanks, found you under search yahoo.
(10:14:51) Connor: Sorry, just to confirm.. You will be returning back to Heathrow?
(10:14:58) Visitor 36536492: Yes
(10:15:02) Connor: Great :)
(10:15:24) Connor: I will send the full quotation over to you in a matter of moments, I am just typing it out
(10:15:48) Visitor 36536492: OK will have a look and let you know

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