Car Hire in Dublin with an Electron Card?

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Car Hire in Dublin with an Electron Card?

Postby Indigo Ann-Marie » 11 Feb 2016, 16:31

Good news!

We now have a supplier based at Dublin Airport who are able to take a Visa Electron (Linked to a bank account) card, a prepaid card and Third Party Payments as well!

The Visa Electron has been very tricky to find a supplier to take as on most suppliers systems this doesn't recognise as a card as is generally for on-line use, however with the option we now have we can take this.

If you do have a prepaid card then we can also take this. This can be taken to pay for the rental cost plus any extras upon booking. Please note that in addition to this card we would also have to take a secondary card, a standard Visa or MasterCard, in case of any fines such as parking fines, speeding fines etc. This is due to it being tricky to try and take payment from prepaid cards, so a secondary card has to also be taken in case of any extra charges.

Third Party Payments we can now also take at Dublin Airport. The card holder would have to, before the vehicle has been collected, sign a form to confirm that payment for anything associated with the rental can be taken from the card. With all of the above options you are required to purchase the full insurance. The advantage of this is it reduces your excess to zero, excluding tyres and windscreen, meaning that if there was any damage to the vehicle at all you would have nothing additional to pay towards this.

By taking the insurance this also means that you have a zero deposit as well, so no amount would be held on a card on arrival either.

Please do note that the above payment methods we can only take from customers flying in and out of Dublin Airport, this isn't available to local customers.

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