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Debit Card Use if a US Resident Hiring in the US

Posted: 23 Dec 2014, 16:44
by Rob Selby
If you are looking to get a car hire in the USA it can be very tricky indeed if you do not have the car hire experts on your side. :)

This is what we are here for to assist you in every way we can.

Many rental providers will not accept the debit card, but there are some out there which can hire to using the debit card. If you are looking to get the car hire in the USA, and you a re a US resident then you will have to undergo a credit check on collection, and providing your score is over 650 then we can certainly assist you.

Please note that if you are flying in from overseas then you will not have to undergo this credit check. :)

For more information please speak with our reservations team.