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Debit Card Use at Montego Bay

Posted: 23 Dec 2014, 12:32
by Rob Selby
We now have a debit card supplier from Montego Airport!

Many of the suppliers here will all demand a credit card on collection, and if you book online, you may find yourself stuck with a credit card only supplier. Meaning that you would lose all your money that you may have pre-booked with another broker.

If you speak to our team over the phone or on the live chat service on the website prior to booking and we can ensure that we can place you with the correct supplier so that you can ensure you get placed with a supplier which can GUARANTEE the debit card use from Montego Bay Airport.

The deposit amount which is held against your card is just $1000 US Dollars. This amount is just frozen on your card and then released when you give your vehicle back.