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No payment card but have a PayPal Account?

Posted: 02 Oct 2014, 16:40
by Indigo Ann-Marie
We've recently joined up forces with a supplier in the UK who can accept PayPal as a method of payment when it comes to paying for your car hire. This means that when you collect, no card is required in the drivers name, and also this includes a zero excess, so if you damage the vehicle and a zero deposit, so no money is held on a card, not that it can be of course if you don't have a card!

We recently had a customer rent in this way, and the process at the branch was very simple, turn up, sign the paper work and drive away in the vehicle, meaning that your car hire is stress and hassle free, which is always better for customers of course! This also makes it hassle free as it means that even before you collect the vehicle, you're all paid up and ready to hit the road and all you need on arrival, is your license, passport and return flight details.

The locations that we can offer this at are all in the UK, with the main locations being Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and a few other major airports throughout the UK, so if you're flying into a major airport and are a little bit stuck when it comes to paying for your vehicle, for whatever reason, then we can certainly help you!

Paying with PayPal also means that your payment is made via a secure transaction making it easier and more secure for yourself as a customer.

So if you're looking to hire in the UK and struggling when it comes to payment methods, come to Indigo directly!

Re: No payment card but have a PayPal Account?

Posted: 10 Oct 2014, 12:03
by Matt Carter
Really good one this Ann-Marie did one last week - my chap flew into Stansted Airport and his company wanted to pay for the vehicle in advance so the driver had nothing to pay on arrival in terms of the rental cost / deposit and had no excess on the vehicle.

Long may this pay pal service continue :D :D :D :D :D :D